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“She is definitely hot…………..unfortunately her hotness is wasted when she is on radio…………..if you are looking for an intelligent discussion about serious issues you will never find that during her weekly radio appearance……….she is wacky and likes to have fun…………I can see why some people would think that it is hard to listen to but her act doesn’t bother me all that much.” Mike S.

She is way better looking in that photo then she is on the radio. On the radio she sounds like she just crawled out of an ashtray. Do you folks remember the Fabulous Sports Babe..that is what I thought Kathryn looked like before I saw this photo:

Fab Sports babe on the left
Fab Sports babe on the left

“As one ink-stained wretch commented after the game: “He didn’t just throw his team under the bus, he backed it over them too.” Mike Zeiseberger on Ron Wilson’s post game comments

“We don’t have enough guys who care about each other,” Wilson continued. “We have a few guys who should look in the mirror and say: “I’m not trying hard enough in my own end. I’m cheating in order to get easy points.” “Right now, it’s a garden full of weeds and I’ve got to pull out some weeds,” Wilson said. Ron Wilson

Raise your hand if you disagree with Wilson’s assessment. He is right. There are too many mental midgets on this team. Antropov’s play is a joke. A total unmitigated joke. If this is really about nerves about being traded he had better grow up and fast. He is playing a man’s game and is expected to act the same way. You aren’t going to believe it, but he should spend some time with Jason Blake. Say what I will about Blake at least he has put up. He may never be worth the value of his contract, but at least he is playing hard. I may still loathe him, but I have a hell of a lot more respect for him then I do for Antropov. The guy has gone totally soft in a hurry. The only guy I respect less right now is Jonas Siegel who has defended the guy.

“Let’s start with thumbs down to the makeover of the Maple Leafs, which hasn’t started yet – and so it’s really thumbs down to the effect the uncertain future is having on certain players.” Dave Hodge

Dave, I remember watching you when you had dark hair and wore really ugly baby blue blazers! The thumbs down should, in this case be going to the player’s themselves who all need to each grow a pair:
“Free agent-to-be Nik Antropov, who would have reason to believe he’d be traded no matter where he was born, has been in a plus-minus free fall since Burke took over. he has gone from plus two to minus 12. Same with the other Nik – Hagman – who’s European and small. Before Burke – plus three – now, minus nine”

Agreed with the conclusion…blame the guys though…

“”Start Here…Eric Francis in today’s Calgary Sun writes….”Enjoy Michael Cammalleri the rest of the season, because on July 1, he’ll be a Toronto Maple Leaf, making almost as much money as Jarome Iginla” While I do agree that Cammalleri may very well be elsewhere, possibly even by the deadline, my sources in Toronto say the Leafs aren’t going to be clamoring over him. Fact is Cammalleri is not viewed as a “sure thing” and in this economy may find it hard to pull Iginla-like numbers. There are enough teams that will be in the running that Cammalleri’s price will be solid, but enough people remember his last season in LA. Especially certain important people who were playing across town.”

No, I haven’t lost my mind. Good pickup by Hanky on this one, and even better to dispute it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Cammalleri, but at 27 years old I am not sure he is Burke’s answer…

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