Maple Leafs Article Of The Am

Hats off to the folks at the Toronto Star, the ghost writer in particular who wrote a pretty funny article on the buds this am:

“”Right now, it is a garden full of weeds and I need to pick some weeds,” Wilson said after that loss in Minnesota.Which makes one wonder about Wilson’s brown thumb – and which species are most likely to be pruned. ”

No, there is nothing new in this article, however it is done with some creativity and tongue firmly planted in cheek….

“MILKWEED (Nikolaiva Antropovora): Not an invasive species and does not pose threat to its environment. Physically tepid despite long frame, may finally be yanked from first and only NHL team for frustrating inability to dominate.”

“COMMON MALLOW (Vesalis Toskolabus): Can be eaten alive, so to speak, as the leaves and roots are highly edible raw or cooked. The Five-Hole Finn may be cooked here, Leafs goaltending being such a thorny issue.”

You can read more of the article, here... keep in mind the players analysis is pretty lousy. The humor is better then that which is written… Enjoy

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