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“Ask a National Hockey League general manager to draft any three players from across the league, and it’s not impossible that the three names that come out would be Alexander Ovechkin, Vinny Lecavalier, and Henrik Zetterberg. Sure, Roberto Luongo or Sidney Crosby or Luke Schenn could jump in there – this last possibility is assuming the GM in question only listens to talk radio in Toronto, and then only in the first month of the season – but any GM would be thrilled to sign those first three players to a lot of dollars and for plenty of years.” Bruce Arthur in the National Post

“I’d blow up his defense.” Keith Jones on what he would do if he were the GM of the Ottawa Senators

“Either this group plays better or we have to change the group” Brian Burke

“And for me, it all started with Pat (Burns). I don’t know what it was about him, but he had this way of looking at me, he intimidated me without even saying a word. He’d just stare at me and I knew what he was saying. I had to be better. We just had this thing. He knew how to push. He worked for me. I worked for him.” Doug Gilmour on Pat Burns

I don’t know what happened,” Burns said. “I don’t know why that time was better than any other? We just knew how to work together, had really good communication. People often ask me: “Who’s the player? Who gave you the most of himself?” And the answer’s easy. Without a doubt it’s Doug, you look at his size, his weight, his heart. You couldn’t ask for anything more in a player. “If you ask me, for those two years, he was the best player in hockey.” Pat Burns on Doug Gilmour

Both of those from Steve Simmons. i couldn’t agree with you more. Those two years were the most fun I have ever had being a leaf fan. The old photo of Pat’s garage, the coaches, the players the gardens. I wish I were going to the ACC on Saturday night. I hope the fans really give it up for Doug. Any idea on who from the old squad will be there? How amazing if Burns was there?

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