Tucker vs. Domi- One I Would Pay To See

So the Buds take on Darcy Tucker and his Avalanche. Everyone is talking to Darcy and Raycroft, trying to get a meaningful quote. So far the masses have been unsuccessful. Darcy hasn’t taken the bait, at least not as of yet. There really is no pressure to, the game is out west, not here in Toronto. However, one would think that certain things would start to get to #16. Jeff Blair hits the nail right on the head with this assessment:

“And that was it. No invective. No apparent bitterness. Nada. It seems to bother Tucker naught that, more than lack of performance, he was turfed out of town because of a realization the Leafs could not change the culture of their dressing room without getting rid of a guy whose whiny, yappy, on-ice demeanour worked when the club was having success but had become a carnival sideshow as the team’s fortunes plummeted. So it’s likely that Smyth wasn’t lying when he lauded Tucker as a player who “has brought energy to our lineup” and who “says something when it needs to be said.”

The question is, why were things so toxic in the Leafs locker-room? Why did the likes of McCabe, Tucker, Raycroft and Sundin(maybe) have to go to change the atmosphere? What the hell was going on. Once again we have to look between the answers to see the truth. It is not what is being said, it is what is not being said. Brady asked Tucker for a comment on the name Muskoka Five. Tucker’s only comment was that he knew who created that name. The undertone there is that the name should be taken with a grain of salt because of who created the name. The who, in this case is as interesting as the name itself. Sources have told TSM for a long time that the person who first used the term to describe those maple leafs who were refusing to waive their no trade clauses was none other then ex-maple leaf Tie Domi. How strange. How intriguing. Another fan favorite allegedly coins a pretty damn derogatory term to a bunch of guys who used to be his teammates. Why, would Domi do that to Tucker, McCabe, Sundin, Kaberle and Kubina?????? What was going on back in the day?

The tone in Tucker’s voice with respect to the “creator” of the term was so negative, you could feel the hatred. Wilbur was laughing uncontrollably when Darcy said it. The old boys network at play again..The evidence in this case is so clear, the question is why, as in why did this happen and why didn’t management put an end to it years ago? The stories around about the divided room years ago, the toxic state of it, with Corson, Roberts, Domi, Travis Green, Tucker all taking sides in the factions. What was Quinn doing? What started it? The rumored stories of the hatred between Tucker and Domi are the stuff of legends. It’s too bad Domi isn’t on TSN anymore. It’s too bad the game isn’t in Toronto. I would love to hear what Tie would have to say about Darcy’s return. It seems to me that the dressing room back in the day was about as mature as my 4 year old daughter’s kindergarten room. The good news for Joe Public is that as time goes on, more people talk and more stories get told. From what is swirling now, it would be legendary to see the likes of Domi and Tucker under the same roof.

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