Would You Trade The Maple Leafs #1 for Jay Bouwmeester?

No, this isn’t groundhog dog( Bill Murray style- what a great flick though don’t you think?). I ask the question because in the latest installment of his blog Damien cox claims that he would:

“This is a fascinating question. Basically, the question is are you better off with a 25-year-old proven NHL player of high quality that you have to pay upwards of $6 million to, or with an 18-year-old who may or may not be an NHL star? I guess the answer is to go with the proven commodity, although that decision will have obvious salary cap implications down the line. Bouwmeester is going to be a top player in the league for the next decade at least, and that’s about as far into the future as anyone can look. All this said, it would be a disappointment to an awful lot of people if the Leafs did this, if only because the hope and optimism that comes with a top draft selection can invigorate an entire organization. Ideally, for the Leafs anyway, no one will be able to sign Bouwmeester before free agency, and Brian Burke will get his shot then without giving up draft picks or players.”

Now, take a deep breath and forget the “Why would florida do this” argument….Say for a second Jacques Martin called Brian Burke and said, he is yours for your number one pick, also assume for one second that Burke is assured (minus tampering implications) that he can sign Bouwmeester. Would you make the trade?

Damien, by the way continues his trend of producing a better blog then column with stuff like above and:

“I don’t think they should be in a “hurry” to trade anyone. I think Kaberle is the most marketable commodity they have, partly because of his contract, and this is a team that has to make hard decisions based on maximizing the possible returns for their assets and understanding winning in the short-term just isn’t possible. What I can tell you is that Kaberle isn’t going to become more valuable; in fact, he might be less valuable next summer when he’s in the last year of his contract headed towards unrestricted free agency.”

I agree (sorry Eye) you deal your assets when you can get the highest return.

You can read the rest of Damien’s post here….

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