Bill Watters On Sundin- No Credibility

Was listening to Wilbur talking to Brady this afternoon and I really can’t believe how brutal it was. It is one thing to say that Sundin is having a tough time, it’s another to say let’s give this some more time. I have no problem with giving Mats time. However, to change what Sundin said about having to be with a team from the beginning is an absolute insult to those of us who speak English.

In case you missed it, Wilbur said that what Sundin meant was he had to be there from the start of HIS training camp, and for him that started when he (Sundin) joined the team. What a farce. What a crock. What a joke. I have no problem with Mats being your boy Bill. Just call a spade a spade and be done with it. To go back in time and try to change history is downright insulting. What Mats said back then was he didn’t want to be a rental player. That is fine. What Mats is, if this is a one year deal, is a rental player. That’s fine too. Don’t attempt to change what he meant to say…it’s garbage.

Speaking of garbage, this whole issue of pansification is total garbage. The fact that CBC is spending one second on this is a joke. We all know Milbury is a cement head. We all know where he is coming from on this. Does it make it right? No. Does it make it acceptable? No. Does it mean we should waste a breath on it? Hell no. Look the CBC’s own Scott Morrison who I like a lot is on 640 Toronto numerous times a week. The main sports guy on 640 Toronto, Bill Watters uses the derogatory term “Gook” on occasion. Now Wilbur isn’t bright enough to use it the way it is to be used to be derogatory. However, rest assured IF Mr. Watters used the term that Michael Richard’s used in a night club one night, causing Kramer to feel shame, to describe the people he calls “Gooks” Mr. Watters would be out of a job. Now, Watters hasn’t used that word. But he uses a derogatory one. So before we go nuts about what the CBC does and doesn’t do with respect to pansification, let’s take a deep breath and consider the environment and all that is around us.

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The Meatriarchy
January 30, 2009 10:13 am

As usual Watters is proving that he is the weakest link on the show that carries his namesake.

640 had better wise up if they want to keep this thing alive. IT would be a shame if the show failed because it is a great idea and we need an alternative to the know-it-all down the dial.

The Meatriarchy
January 30, 2009 10:57 am

Gord Stellick or Doug McLean would be two good choices (off the top of my head) but I am sure there might be a couple of others that are out there that would be not obvious but have real potential.

The Meatriarchy
January 30, 2009 11:00 am

Oh and you know what else would be cool. If 640 syndicated the Jim Rome show in the afternoons.

Mike S
Mike S
January 30, 2009 12:03 pm

The Sundin discussion yesterday is a perfect example of a Watters bias…………these biases are one of the main reasons why their show is good but not great…………….Watters can be very entertaining and insightful when discussing a variety of issues but when he talks about an issue where he has a bias he sounds ridiculous……………on the other hand, Brady calling Sundin “one of the worst signings in recent NHL history” was a bit premature…………..he should probably give Sundin a few more weeks before he throws him under the bus like that.

January 30, 2009 12:49 pm

I like Bill. As said above he has good insight on a number of issues. But on Sundin he is doing some apple polishing, which is disappointing.

Sundin lied, it may have been a line he was told to say but he still has to take responsibility for it. Not that it matters but you cannot blame some people for taking his protestations of loyalty with a grain of salt. Which quite frankly they should have in the first place.

It just sucks that Sundin would do this yet he wouldnt consider waiving the NTC and acts like it was a big deal. Of course he was going to be asked, he said no and Fletcher left it at that…..what is the problem. If it is because media and fans continued to ask, well gorw up Mats ou make more in 40 games than most Canadians make in a lifetime…..

And the fact that he couldnt or wouldnt quell the class system that was operating in the Leaf locker room….he was the best leaf but maybe he shouldnt have had the C.

As for his Vancouver situation, look it doesnt matter how he plays in January, or even February, it matter how he plays in march, April and May (if they make it that far). If he plays brillianly then, then all will be forgotten in vancouver.

The Meatriarchy
January 30, 2009 7:50 pm

MacLean can’t be making that much for hosting a mid afternoon drive slot.

Time to pick up the phone 640…..

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