Could Maple Leafs Goalie Vesa Toskala Join The Avalanche?

One of my favorite beat writers Adrian Dater has a great story today in response to the call last night in the Maple Leafs Avalanche game. If you want the gist of it, all you need to see is this:

Go Have Another doughnut!
Go Have Another doughnut!

Anyways, AD also has a couple of interesting predictions for the AVS as they relate to their needs. First however I thought you leaf fans would find some humor in this:

“Tonight, we had a goalie (Andrew Raycroft) give up seven goals against the team that bought his contract out to rid themselves of him. He was, in essense, the replacement for Theodore. You had a guy named Darcy Tucker go pointless in an 11-goal game against his former team, which also bought out his contract to rid themselves of him. This is the guy who was said to be the answer to the loss of Brunette.”

Sounds like a a beat writer for a team which is suffering from buyer’s remorse.

Anyway, back to the potential needs:

“Something should happen soon I think. I still totally believe a defenseman is going to be dealt for some kind of forward help, and one of those D-men will be named Clark, Leopold or Salei.
Clark is my bet, but his contract could be a hindrance. As much as I admire Clarkie for sticking his body in front of every shot, he’s been a disappointment offensively and there just seems to be too many of his kind already on the blue line. I think another overlooked thing about this team is the fact that it’s not big enough. Anybody who watched San Jose totally manhandle this team the other night couldn’t help but be struck at how much smaller the Avs seemed than them. This team needs to get bigger and badder, up front and on the blue line. And they need another goalie. I still haven’t gotten a good explanation from anybody why a team that overpaid and tolerated and nurtured and finally rehabilitated a goalie (Theodore) back to his old self suddenly got all concerned about a million dollars a year – the amount over a two-year deal it would have taken to keep him – and cut him loose.

Forget Salei- he is too old, same with Brett Clark, Leopold is at least under 30(barely). So perhaps the Avalanche will need to sweeten the pot to get one of the Leafs forwards. However, if they are looking for a goalie, Vesa would love to be re-united with his pal Andrew Raycroft. Wishful thinking? I can tell you that a Sherpa, who has been very quiet unless there is a major deal about to go down texted me that things are hot between the avalanche and the maple leafs….

You can read Dater here

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