Olympian Michael Phelps Busted??!!

Cheech as in Peach, Chong as in Dong!
Cheech as in Peach, Chong as in Dong!

I have said it too many times before, there is no dumber animal on this planet then the professional athlete. Well now we can add the Olympic athlete to the list..Not that Ben Johnson or Flo-Jo hadn’t already….

“Phelps’ aides went into a panic over our story and offered us a raft of extraordinary incentives not to run the bong picture. ”
“Our source revealed: “Michael came to visit Jordan but ended up just getting wasted every night.
“He arrived with a group of girls hanging all over him. Jaws hit the floor when he walked in. You don’t get many celebrities in Columbia, so when Phelps comes to your party it’s a very big deal.
“He didn’t know many people so you’d think he’d be a little shy. But he was loud, obnoxious and slamming beers from the get-go.
“Every girl wanted a piece of him and every guy wanted to be his best buddy. He couldn’t get enough of all the attention.”
As he basked in his hero status, Phelps knocked back beers and shots of spirits. And when a student offered him the glass bong engraved with red writing, he did not hesitate, says our source. ”

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