Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Player Anton Stralman Recalled

Anton Stralman
Anton Stralman
Toronto has recalled Anton Stralman from the AHL’s Toronto Marlies to take Kaberle’s place for tonight’s game against the Penguins. The 22-year old Stralman has one goal and six assists in 25 games this season. Too bad Jame Sifers didn’t get the call!

So, we have now seen first hand the risk of waiting until the deadline to make a move. It’s the age old problem of do you wait until value is at it’s peak or do you go the safe route and trade before your assets may get injured. Clearly the critics will say Burke waited too long. Others will say that he would get more closer to the deadline. The reality is know one knows how long Kaberle will be out. Some guys heal quickly. Others take longer. If it’s 3 weeks Kaberle may get some time back. Four weeks will be tight for sure. Teams will want to see medical records before trading for him. He is not an old guy, teams will know what they are getting. If they are satisfied with the medical reports they will make the trade. If they aren’t satisfied with the reports they won’t. You can’t blame Burke for this one…..

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January 31, 2009 4:50 pm

being on the DL, won’t hamper Tomas’s worth. it won’t make it rise though either. some1 will still want him 4 the stretch run. pens 4- leafs 2. Garon debuts 2nite for the Pens.
that is a great pic of Anton!

Mike S
Mike S
January 31, 2009 9:35 pm

You can blame me for Kaberle getting injured…………….I just traded for him in my rotisserie hockey league last weekend…………oops.

The Meatriarchy
February 2, 2009 7:18 am

I thought stralman was very good on Saturday. Wilson used him sparingly but when he was out there he did something that Kaberle never does: shoot the puck.

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