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Melnyk Has Lost His Marbles!

Thank god they aren't my team is all I can say.  Get a load of this crap: "Anybody that says we should blow up this organization should get their o [...]

Ray Ferraro Bashes Mats Sundin

Happy Snow day all.... Ray Ferraro was on Leafs lunch today and was pretty vicious on our former captain. Ferraro roasts Sundin's lack of commitment [...]

Total Waste Of Time

On the hour long commute this am, I got a listen into Kathryn Humphreys with Gord and Don, seriously, can someone tell me what she offers? This am, t [...]
Seperated At Birth

Seperated At Birth

On budget Day, I thought this was appropriate: Seriously, were these two separated at birth? Until the About/Contact Page is done: [...]

Blair Misses The Boat on Cujo

How long was the all-star break again?  Wow do the buds look rusty tonight?  The team hasn't looked this sloppy in a long time.  In  any event.  You a [...]

Time For A Change In The Morning

I am going to go out on a limb here folks.  It is time Nelson Millman to make a change to his morning show over at the Fan 590.  I don't want to call [...]

Pogge Up- Down The Stretch They Come

So we are going to see the start of the professional evaluation of one Justin Pogge.  It's a good thing too.  At least when he is in net the pundits a [...]
The Hockey Hit The World Should Be Talking About Today

The Hockey Hit The World Should Be Talking About Today

What happens when two college rivals face off??: "The No.8-ranked Wolverines won 5-3. Michigan State, which has struggled this season, fought back [...]

Burke To Take a Shot At the Playoffs?

It's interesting, Burke has been on the job for about a couple of months now and well, nothing has changed. That isn't a bad thing, it is what it is. [...]

Sunday Night NHL Thoughts

So, I tried to watch a few minutes of the ASG with little TSM this evening. We were about 5 minutes into the game when he said "Daddy, this is really [...]

Sunday’s Funnies (quotes of the early day)

Here are a few of my favorite things this am: "No kidding the Coyotes operate under an onerous lease. But that's exactly what previous owner Steve [...]

Jay Bouwmeester A Maple Leaf?

"The Panthers are looking a trade possibilities and hoping to get a first round pick, another top selection and a top, NHL -ready prospect if they mov [...]
Fighting Is Integral To Hockey?

Fighting Is Integral To Hockey?

Fighting is "integral to the way the game is played," according to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, "nobody has a divine right" to a second franc [...]

An Article Worth Reading

With the escrow payments ballooning and the players losing (not loosing) all of the money being withheld, and the league suspending players for not be [...]

Don’t Cry For Me….

I hear what Damien and his pals are trying to sell this morning. I mean the outrage, the horror...While firms like Microsoft, Ford, GM and others ar [...]

Could The Maple Leafs Acquire Chris Pronger?

"Will Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke be reunited with Ducks D Chris Pronger? That’s the whisper this weekend. There’s a strong belief that if the Ducks fa [...]

Quotes of the Day

"Check the accompanying sidebar, which combines the won-lost percentages for the current season of the 15 cities with both NHL and NBA teams. Yep, the [...]

Sports Radio Tonight- Good Stuff

I am interested in hearing McCown's take on the All-Star Suspension Gate.... On the roundtable: John Wells, James Deacon Richard Griffin [...]

More on the suspension

I am on my blackberry, so posting isnt fun. Anyways, huge kudos to whomever get glen healey on first....he should be in rare form on this Kyperos too [...]
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