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Raptors Fans Speak Up

Raptors GM & President Bryan Colangelo will be on the Fan at 3:40. Hopefully they take calls. Time to call the man out on the mat to take some lu [...]

Great Insight

I am not a huge Jay Feaster fan, but this is a great article showing the inner workings of an NHL team: http://tinyurl.com/7laouk [...]
Caption Winner(s)

Caption Winner(s)

Ok, now that holidays are over we have winner for our OJ contest: The winners are (a tie for first place) Blurr1974 and Eyebleaf The winning caption [...]

No Conflict In Leaf Land

Seems to be a common theme today that there is this great conflict in leaf land on how to proceed in the second half of the season. To me that is utt [...]

Sens Vs. Leafs- Stanley Cup For Leafs

Don't really care the outcome of many games this year. Happier when they lose as opposed to when they win. With the exception of those games against [...]

Winter Classic TV Numbers Up- Still Very Low

Yesterday's tilt had an overnight rating of 2.9 which is up 12% from last year's 2.6. Local ratings were 11.8 in Chicago and 10.5 in Detroit respecti [...]

Howie On Cujo Makes Little Sense…Surprised?

So Happy Howie, thinks it's time for Cujo to hang them up. Or does he? His latest article seems to suggest there is a struggle within his own brain. [...]

Lame Effort From The Leafs vs. Buffalo Sabres

Not sure why, but I expected a more spirited effort from the Blue and White tonight. They seemed totally flat and uninspired. Although they didn't g [...]
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