Al Strachan Is A Freeloader!

Interesting story on the whole pansification thing in Saturday’s globe. I am not getting in to the issue. However, Christie Blatchford, perhaps the best writer the Globe has, has the quote

Al Strachan- the Freeloader
Al Strachan- the Freeloader

“I don’t know Mr. Milbury from Adam (and if I do know him at all, then it would be because I’d have seen him, in Adam’s au naturel state, in the Boston Bruins’ dressing room when I was covering the NHL; if only I hadn’t always removed my glasses in those circumstances so as to make myself more comfortable I would have more accurate memories), and hold no particular brief for him, except that I think he’s good on the tube and is articulate and often funny. My only connection to the show is that my freeloading sportswriter boarder, Al Strachan, is, like Mr. Milbury, a regular.”

No comments necessary, the quote says it all.

Read Blachford here

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February 1, 2009 11:39 am

For such an amazing blog, you have interesting taste when it comes to writers. I mean, Blatchford? Really? Dare I ask for your take on DiManno?

February 1, 2009 6:17 pm

I believe she’s alluding to the fact Strachan lives with her.

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