Did Michael Phelps Write Damien Cox’s Headline Today

Toronto Star Headlne Writer
Toronto Star Headlne Writer

Actually a pretty good story from Damien today. Kaberle’s injury isn’t the worst thing to hit the Leafs. It isn’t the end of the world if Kaberle isn’t traded before the deadline. Like every other player, if Burke gets a good offer then he will pull the trigger. If not….

Once again though, the headline writers at the Star are totally out to lunch:

“Kaberle trade isn’t top priority for salary cap-strapped Burke”

How stoned was the person who wrote that? Was he at the same party as Michael Phelps? Salary cap strapped Burke? What the hell does that mean? This is just another totally stupid headline that has followed Damien around this season. 2:1 it’s changed later today!
Phelps today admitted the story that he is a pot head!

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