Things Looking Up For Toronto Maple Leafs

Sell Mortimer Sell
Sell Mortimer Sell

4 short weeks to go and things are starting to look up. Players on teams looking to win are going down and Burke says the calls are getting better. The key, stay healthy. Kaberle going down is enough thank you! I love by the way all this talk of “unless we get a great offer we weren’t going to trade him” YA think??? No, really do you think Burke was going to say SHIT, we were really looking to trade Tomas this really sets us back! Take your heads out of your a$$es if you did. Have no fear, NHL trade deadline day is near, and if you really can’t wait, TSN has it’s pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre pre PRE deadline show this week!

Montreal just lost Robert Lang, The Capitals may have lost Chris Clark for the rest of the year too. Not that you wish ill on anyone (unless they play for Ottawa and then all bets are off 🙂 ) but these injuries are good things for the good ship Maple Leafs….

More this evening….

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