Toronto Maple Leafs: Who Shall Remain?

Lets Make a Deal
Let's Make a Deal

Our good pal Nealio on the east coast posed the following:

The Challenge:

Name 5 players who you would keep after the deadline not named Schenn or Grabovski with a 5 words or less explanation why. Please add your list…here is mine and then Nealio’s

1. Hagman- No Trade Clause 🙂
2. May- Luke Schenn’s mentor
3. Finger- Steady D Man
4. Stralman- Young, Cheap & has potential
5. Nikolai Kulemin – Young Cheap & has upside

Stajan: Hasn’t peaked yet, leadership qualities
White: Smart, effective, workhorse, young, best-moustache
Moore: Best bang for your buck
May: Toughest ‘vet’ we have left
Finger: Toughest stay home D man

To me, Stajan, White and Moore are all assets who are at their peak in terms of value. If you can get good value back, you deal them….It’s not, you know, personal….

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