Toronto Raptors Atop NBA Trade Rumors

Have I got a deal for you
Have I got a deal for you
ESPN’s Steven A Smith is spreading the gasoline around the Toronto Raptors portion of the ACC and standing nearby with a match too. The prime suspect in Smith’s work is none other then Chris Bosh:

“You’re going to see Chris Bosh’s name come up simply because he’s already told the Toronto Raptors that he has no desire to remain in Toronto,You’re going to hear Dallas’ name in the equation because they’ve got a strong interest in Chris Bosh, as well as the Miami Heat, so you never know what could happen. Everybody’s been talking about Jermaine O’Neal or what have you – it’s Chris Bosh that they want. Whether or not they’re going to be lucky to get him, I sincerely doubt it, because Bryan Colangelo might try to hold on to him until next year.”

Let’s face it. This team stinks. 11 games under .500. ELEVEN GAMES- denial is more then a river in Egypt Bryan. If we are “rooting” for the Leafs to “TANK” should we throw in the Raptors too???

All you NBA experts out there, what would Bosh bring back on the open market? Could a deal involve a play by play crew that was actually exciting to listen to too?

The Raptors risk extinction in that they are becoming irrelevant. The casual fan is totally apathetic to them right now. This should have been a season where they could have made serious inroads. We knew the Maple Leafs were going to blow, there was/is a void in the marketplace….. Firing Sam has done little to inspire the fans…. Bryan, do something, show us the team has a pulse…..

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