Toronto Sun Has Really Set!

Today's Toronto Sun
Today's Toronto Sun

So, you pick up the cover of the Toronto Sun today and WOW you think- NHL IN Turmoil- cover story and a pullout! This is going to be good! What it meant was, ok you picked up the paper, now pullout and put it down! Are you kidding me? Bill Lankhoff’s 2 pages of not one original thought gets on the cover of the paper??? That’s it??? What a complete farce. It’s bad enough Gary Lowen gets a column every day, but this entirely unoriginal column get’s it own pullout and makes the friggin cover??????? Where is the news in this piece? Where is the wow-factor. Raise your hand if you learned anything about the NHL that you didn’t know before?

The Sun used to be THE sports paper in town. Complete with the sunshine girl, you used to read it for the best sports coverage in the city. I have received 3 calls in the last 7 days, no shit, asking me to subscribe. When I tell the headset phone jockey that I am a subscriber they are totally dumbfounded. Who is running this paper these days? Take Elliot and Simmons and you are left with???????

Speaking of Simmons, how great is this quote from his article today “So without any research, The Fan began leading its sportscasts with the news that ESPN was reporting a meeting Bosh had with Bryan Colangelo informing the general manager of his desire to leave the Raptors, when, in fact, ESPN wasn’t reporting anything at all. There was no mention of Bosh or Smith’s apparent report on, the most credible sports reporting organization anywhere.” RESEARCH???? Wait, you are kidding right? You aren’t talking about journalistic integrity are you? Come on Steve, this is the year 2009. My friend’s neighbor’s son-law’s daughter’s brother’s uncle’s butcher’s farm hand’s buddy the Sherpa told him that Mats Sundin has agreed to be traded by the Vancouver Canucks and that of the teams he has agreed to be traded to, Toronto is at the top of the list (TSM-5)…….

I did, however actually enjoy Hogan this am on the way to work. The show works so much better when he is solo and he isn’t talking CFL. Anyways, he did a couple of segments talking hoops and what Bryan Colangelo should do with Bosh. It was actually interesting and worth listening too. Which is more then I can say for Landry’s phoney call in from Vic Rauter hoping to take over the weather gig at CFTO, which was only a little less brutal then the Landry’s fake Chris Shultz’s mustache talking to Kurt Warner’s beard…I mean that was riveting I have to tell you. Oh, and Mike S., I thought of you last night when I went to the Fan website last night and every, and I do mean EVERY audio clip was of a TFC team member on with Nigle Reed. No offense folks, but it will be a cold day in hell before I listen to a TFC interview on my laptop.

I have to wonder, by the way what Bill Watters must be thinking these days. It has been his battle cry that the Raptors where a team in total disarray until “NBA Commissioner stepped in and handed them Bryan Colangelo”. The team was being so mismanaged before, I mean it was SO obvious right? Um Bill, what exactly has changed since Colangelo has taken over. The team is actually worse then it was before. We are still pathetically begging for a marquee player to say “I tolerate Toronto enough to stay long term.” Can we add the Raptors to the “Tank Nation” yet? Where do we send the thank you cards to David Stern? Bill of course won’t see it that way. Bill is still changing the meaning of Sundin’s words, “what Mat’s meant was he has to be there from the start of HIS season, not the start of THE season, and we all know when Mats’ season started so he isn’t lying, he is telling the truth.” Good radio with ol’ Wilbur yesterday, he has been bashing the shit out of Bryan Murray for weeks (save for his love for Gene Gene the Dancing Machine), but when Murray came on with him at noon, ol Wilbur turtles faster then Sundin used to from the trap door of the Maple Leafs room…..

More later as Bettman is on with Wilbur and Brady…Thank god Brady is back, one more day of Bill Purple Hayes and I was going to start listening to music again….

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