Bob McCown and Brian Burke Great Radio!

Burke Pees on Rumors
Burke Pees on Rumors

Hands down, the best radio all week. McCown sat down with Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke tonight and damn it was good. Do yourself a favor and listen to why McCown still holds the crown as best sports interviewer in this town. Despite his side kicks’ long winded questions which made little sense, McCown got some great stuff out of Burke who was rather blunt. Some gems included:

1. Burke looks mostly at a goalies’ save percentage to judge his success. Good team or bad team the save percentage is the best way to judge
2. Vesa’s save percentage is too low to garner “a good job or a pat on the back, he doesn’t work hard enough during practice and if he doesn’t become more consistent I will have to look for a goalie”
3. When asked about the Chris Pronger rumor (Bruce Garrioch) Burke responded “I can’t express interest in other teams players but I can pee on rumors. The truth is Chris Pronger is not coming to the Toronto Maple Leafs for 2 reasons. First he isn’t what we are looking for right now and secondly we arent going to give Anaheim what the market will bear to get Chris Pronger. To get Chris Pronger it will take a first round pick and a young player. If I am going to trade a first round pick it is going to be for a 19-20 year old player whom our fans can say, I see why he did that. I can tell you I have not talked to Anaheim about Chris Pronger. He will be dealt to a contender who may lose a top 4 d to injury or a team that is very close to winning- the pressure is so high teams will over pay.
4. “I don’t have a great track record with goalies, let me say that before a caller says it”
5. “I expect that 3-6 first round picks will be dealt this year”
6. “The chatter has picked up which is a good sign. This is the time for Leafs Nation to be patient, it will pay for us to wait until closer to the deadline. I don’t have a lot of experience on dumping near the deadline, I haven’t missed the playoffs in 7 years.”
7. “I am confident we are going to be able to do lots of things this year”

It was a great interview. Well worth your time to listen to it.

Listen here….

Burke and Mccown

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