Tomas Kaberle Going To Provide Brian Burke A List

Kaberles checking his list
Kaberle's checking his list

Brian Burke just said that he won’t ask Pavel Kubina or Tomas Kaberle to waive their no trade clauses. He said they earned them and they should be respected. However he noted that the players lose control should they not make the playoffs as the no trade clause disappear for a couple of weeks. “Tomas’s agent has told us he will give us a list of teams he will accept a trade to. He hasn’t provided us that list and I will not ask him too either.”

Burke didn’t say it, but you can assume the same to be true with Kubina too….

“if someone offers me 10 first round picks for Luke Schenn he is on the next plane- but he is as close to an untouchable as is out there.”
“Guys like Jason Blake who people think we couldn’t trade have been playing really well, and I think guys like that will be sought after as we get closer to the deadline.”
As for what is on the shopping list?

Size and aggressiveness. “those are different things. We need more size and more bite and we may not get them at the deadline.

According to Bob McKenzie- Burke willing to take bad contracts off teams hands in exchange for draft picks. In the next 7 -10 days he has to decide if he can resign Grabovsky and Dominic Moore if he can’t they may be traded

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Down Goes Brown
February 5, 2009 10:14 am

I loved the way Burke handled the NTC question. First he says that these guys have every right to use them, and that he won’t pressure anybody. A “good cop” answer.

Then in the next breath, he reminds everyone that the NTCs disappear at the end of the year and he can trade either guy anywhere he wants. “Bad cop” Brian thinks that maybe anyone who would like some control of their own destiny might want to consider waiving on their own.


February 5, 2009 11:27 am

Trade Grabbo???? Say it ain’t so!!!!!!!!!

February 5, 2009 7:04 pm

I knew they should have placed Kaberle in a protective cast!

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