Trading Raptors Chris Bosh Makes Sense: ESPN Reporter

This story isn’t going to stop until either he is signed or traded. It’s one thing when Steven A Smith says it, when Chad Ford on starts talking….:

“Now do you understand why the Bosh rumors are flying? I can’t speak to the veracity of Stephen A. Smith’s report. However, the word around the league is that Bosh wants to leave. Bryan Colangelo says that Bosh hasn’t told him that. Bosh has said he hasn’t told Colangelo that. But what about Bosh’s agent? Or someone else close to Bosh? Even if it’s never been said, isn’t the writing on the wall? The question is, is Colangelo better off doing something now or waiting until this summer. There’s an argument for both approaches. It sounds pretty strongly that Colangelo is taking the latter approach. I’ve heard from a couple of NBA teams that he’s been pretty strong in telling them he’s not trading Bosh right now. But if the right offer came along … wouldn’t he have to look at it?”

How far away is this team from being competitive? Is this going to be good before it matters with respect to Bosh?

“I think Colangelo would need to get a young potential superstar back. He can’t give Bosh away. This summer, if things look like re-signing Bosh in 2010 isn’t going to happen, it could be much less. That’s why I think there’s an arguement that you trade him now. A team in contender mode might be willing to give up more to have him for two title runs. As for Cleveland, they don’t have the pieces to make a deal. But I wonder if a Miami deal that sent Michael Beasley, Shawn Marion’s expiring contract and perhaps a future first or Daequan Cook might do it? If I was Pat Riley I’d jump all over that. A Bosh, Wade connection would be awesome. ”

Bryan, do you have a pulse? Does anyone in the GTA care??? Are we going to have to beg Bosh to stay again????

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