Ode To Greg Brady….Gary Loewen….I am not alone!

“Why do they call it Oveltine? mug is round, jar is round, they should call it Rountine!…….THAT’S GOLD JERRY GOLD”

Old TSM has been asleep at the wheel folks. The 640 website is so bad I sometimes forget to head on over to see what any of the blogs have to say… I am not alone in that none of you pointed this out (Mike S.):

“I would throw Bill Houston of the Globe & Mail into the mix as well, but sadly, he’s taking what should be a pleasurable early retirement by a year or so — thus, the Truth & Rumours column will cease to be. Hopefully, someone picks up the slack to hammer the slappies. We all know our good friends (who still pick on us when we deserve it) at www.torontosportsmedia.com are watching what the Globe does with interest. That is when they’re not standing in line at Ticketmaster to buy tickets for the Gary Loewen: Outta My Crazy Mind standup comedy tour. Massey Hall. April 19th. Gonna be a wacky show. Have you heard the nine minutes Loewen does on the Dubin Inquiry? Comedy gold. Nearly as good as the freshened-up bits on Wayne Gretzky’s wedding to Janet Jones.”


Now I have to say it is nice to get noticed. Even nicer to know that I am not alone on the Gary Loewen thing. The comedy bit- that is GOLD Jerry- GOLD! I have a lot of respect for Simmons and for Elliot. Can you imagine what they think knowing that their work is surrounded by his crap?

You can read brady’s blog here. Quick poll question folks- Do you think I should try to get Brady to syndicate his blog here as Howie does on Hankybuzz? Do you think he would go for it?


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