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Denis Lemieux
Denis Lemieux

In retrospect, of all the “blunders” Cliff Fletcher may have made, not trading Vesa Toskala last year may take the cake. Recognizing that an asset that isn’t part of the big picture has peaked in value is the key in building a team. We all knew this team wasn’t going to be very good this year. Not too many predicted weakness in net as being a major problem. When Cliff couldn’t deal the muskoka 5 last year he should have dealt Vesa. In retrospect, it’s easy to say….

On Wednesday nigth Burke suggested that Toskala’s save percentage wasn’t good enough, that he isn’t consistent enough to be a starter in this league right now. Anyone disagree? He also said that in his opinion Vesa needs to practice harder. Sounds like Ron Wilson talking about old Carlo….and we know what happened to him… Today, Toskala countered with these gems:

“”It is the first time I have heard of it and I have not talked to him,” Toskala said when asked about Burke’s comments. “Like I just said it is a long season and sometimes you have problems with your body, you just have to take it a little bit easier in practice to get through the games.” “I know what is going on and I can’t say everything to the media. So as long as I know that he knows the truth and know the truth then it doesn’t matter,” Toskala said. “Injury wise, maybe (there is) something.”

Wholly J.P. Ricciardi Bat Man….as long as i know that he knows…..CLASSIC

Why even bother commenting. I mean isn’t it easier to say, i didn’t hear what he said, so I am not going to comment? Now all the yahoos are going to be up in arms over a “controversy” I can sense Berger’s blog already…

So is he injured? Does he know he is going to be traded? The questions swirling..inquiring minds want to know….If he is hurt why not play the kid? If he isn’t why does everyone think he is? Seems very odd to me.

On the same note, get a load of these quotes from David Shoalt’s column:

“Gary Bettman struck out at least three times in attempts to peddle the Phoenix Coyotes, according to multiple sources.

The sources say the NHL commissioner was turned down by Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, by Phoenix Suns majority owner Robert Sarver and by Ken Kendrick, the managing general partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks, on separate occasions. All three were said to have backed out after looking at the books of the Coyotes, who are expected to lose as much as $45-million (all currency U.S.) this season.

“It’s not happening,” a source close to Reinsdorf said yesterday. “They’re begging him to do it, but there’s no way. He has no interest. Who would?”

“”A lot of people have kicked the tires, but once they see the numbers, they walk away,” said a former NHL governor who is familiar with the Coyotes’ situation. “When you see they have 25 years left on their lease at $30-million a year [in losses], they tend to walk away.”

The former governor said there have been inquiries from a couple of groups about the Coyotes, but only if they can move the team from its home in Glendale. The only way the Coyotes can break their lease is by seeking bankruptcy protection in the U.S. courts.”

Now, i raise this for 2 reasons, 1..Its hard to believe that the former winnipeg jets are no better off in phoenix then they were in winnipeg. 2. Why wasn’t this part of the Toronto Sun cover story??This is good stuff, stuff we haven’t seen before! Hey Bill- do some homework like Simmons complains the Fan 590 should have done on the Chris Bosh story!

Shoalts is here

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