Vesa Toskala Isn’t Hurt Cujo Gets Family Time

Ass Kiss
Ass Kiss

Ron Wilson was on 640 Toronto with Brady and Watters….Another great interview:


Vesa Toskala is not hurt at all
Vesa has it in his mind that he is going to play every game and therefore he has to save his energy for games!
Unless Vesa is insane, the onus is on Toskala to tell us he is hurt!
Cujo has 4 kids, why would i drag him to Buffalo to take a few shots in warmup and sit on the bench when he can be home playing with his kids
As long as Grabovsky doesn’t let the Montreal incident get into his head, he will be fine.
Ask any goalie if they would rather sit at home or sit on the bench and they willl tell you they would rather be home.
We intended to play Kronwall. We aren’t not going to call up a guy because they may get claimed. I think you will see other guys get called up- We don’t want anyone to get buried in the minors…
Conditioning isn’t were it should be- they have 5 months in the off-season to build a real aerobic base. San Jose test results blow our guys results out of the water. We will get better and I used the media to get the message out there because i am damn serious about it.

A serious love in by Mr. Watters here folks. Was Brady asleep at the wheel or what??? I find the Cujo thing truly AMAZING…He dragged his starter to Buffalo so his backup could spend time with his kids???? WOW! I have never heard that one before. That is an entirely new Toronto Maple Leafs that’s for sure. If a goal for Burke and Wilson is to change the way the players think about the team, this will definitely do it.

Also, what the hell is Toskala thinking. Why scream the injury bug when you aren’t going to get backed by management. He looks like a total idiot now. His coach basically thinks he is INSANE!!!

Like LT said, look for the other vets to get recalled soon. Pogge is going to get a lot of ice time over the next 30 something games….

Classic stuff folks!

I will provide the link to the brutal 640 site when it is up.

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February 6, 2009 7:27 pm

Wow I am really confused now. Is Vesa hurt or not. He seems to be saying he is. And what is the big secret, someone knows the truth and Vesa wont talk about it till the season is over?

The guy played better last year, maybe he is dogging it, maybe he is dogging it intentionally. Maybe Cliff made a promise to him that isnt being kept?

A very weird situation overall.

February 7, 2009 12:31 pm

I don’t know either as earlier on in the season I noticed that when Vesa was asked about a poor performance, the first thing he would always say is that he feels good, nothing is wrong, etc the kind of stuff an injured player says when they are trying to hide an injury. Or maybe that’s his standard opening comment, I don’t know. Maybe he will turn it around next season and then be traded on the deadline where his play will insure him a long and prosperous contract when he becomes a UFA next year.

February 7, 2009 5:16 pm

Well Toskala has made himself pretty much untradeable (especially considering the number of goalies hitting the waiver wire going unclaimed). He always seems so uncaring in interviews, like nothing phases him.
I know goalies need to have thick skin but it almost reminds me of Raycroft last year when he’d just shrug his shoulders after a beating and tell everyone that life goes on, blah blah blah.

I miss guys like Belfour (before his last season) who showed some passion, like they actually cared and were pissed at themselves over a soft goal or a bad game and woiuld bounce back and steal a few.

I know it’s only been 2 games but we need to see what the hell we have in Pogge because if he starts picking up this same attitude that Toskala has we’re screwed…

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