Almost Entire Maple Leafs Roster Available?

“With the March 4 trade deadline approaching, Toronto GM Brian Burke has notified inquiring clubs that everyone on the roster is available except for Luke Schenn, Mikhail Grabovski and John Mitchell, Slap Shots has been told. ”

That from Larry Brooks. Anyone surprised with that? Burke has pretty much said the exact same thing publicly. In fact, that Burke has said was that there are no untouchables. If someone offfered him 10 first round picks for Schenn he would be on the plane. I think the asking price for Grabovsky, who many believe is going to be heading for the KHL after this season will be much less then people think too.

You can read more of Brooks here

What’s the over under on the use of Joe Torres moniker “A-fraud” after the steroid allegations?

“”If Brian (Burke) and the team did not want me here, why would I stick around?” Kubina admitted here yesterday. ”

LOL….What a surprise. What the reporters should ask is why is this year different then last year. Forget not waiving his own no trade clause, the million dollar question is how much damage did Mats Sundin do to the Maple Leafs by convincing others not to waive theirs?? It says here if you want to point a finger of blame at Sundin it should be for that and not for refusing to waive his own. A true leader would tell others to make their own decision. Sundin said, ok guys here is what we are going to do, we are all going to refuse to waive it, except you Brian, because no one in their right mind would trade for you! 🙂

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