Do The Sedin Twins Excite You? Milbury vs. Strachan!

Al Strachan goes to school
Al Strachan goes to school

Consider the sources (Al Strchan & Hanky) but there are rumblings that Brian Burke will be making a play for the Sedin Twins this summer. Am I the only guy who isn’t the least bit interested in seeing this happen?

I don’t know why, but I suspect it will cost a bundle to get these guys and they will be 29 when next season starts, maybe i am crazy, but I am not excited by this at all.

If you want to watch something funny, check out the Hotstove (man do i feel badly for Pierre Lebrun for sitting with Strachan and Milbury) the argument between Milbury and Strachan is pretty funny. The point of contention here is that Strachan says that the Canucks attempts to sign the Sedins isn’t going well…Milbury asks why they are having these discussions now when they are trying to make the playoffs and Strachan suggests that the Sedin boys have families to take care of.. Milbury’s response is hillarious..

You can watch the hotstove here

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