Curling, Skiing Do I Hear Figure Skating Too?

With all due respect to those who follow the sports above, will someone tell me how they garner air time on sports radio? No really, please explain to me how this happens. I am a huge fan of the sports games on xbox and the wii- should we not talk to the egamers of the world. Hell, there is more money spent in gaming then in Hollywood movies (thanks PAC-Mall) why aren’t we talking that?

I have curled- sorry, I have been on a curling ice surface and attempted to throw a rock and I can tell you that before the 17th beer it was REALLY hard. As for the talents of Brian Stemmle, I love to ski too and during the olympics when it is live and not on at 4am I may even watch for a minute or 3. On the radio????? WOW…..

Mike S. help a man out here please! It’s one thing when Mccown pays homage to his buddies in the owners suite at the Argos, and no different when Wilbur talks the Rock (and I don’t mean the old WWF WWE wrestler). What pre tell is next?

tonight on 590:

Phil Taylor- THE greatest player ever to play darts
Trevor Brazile, World Rodeo Champ

tonight on 640
Jaret Llewellyn, Canada’s top water skiier
Joey”jaws” Chestnut, Winner of the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest

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