What The Hell Are These Guys Doing????

No, I am not talking about the game tonight. I was typing at LT and a few others as the Leafs started to choke (thank god) It was a TANK NATION thing of beauty. I want to know what the collective hockey media are doing with their time? We are 3 weeks from the deadline, the biggest meat swap of the year and with the exception of Hanky, there hasn’t been a decent rumor anywhere in these parts!

Let’s review- we have Leafs Breakfast, Lunch and dinner, we have hockey central at noon and night, we have prime time, watters time, we got berger’s blog, we have not one, not two, not three but four daily papers with folks covering the buds and we got NADDA- not a sniff???? Oh, and don’t tell me that we know who Burke wants to trade or is likely going to be able to deal…the guy has said publicly that everyone is available for the right price- yes even Luke Schenn for 10 1st rounders!

Did you see the pathetic gathering of microphones for Wilson’s post game presser? I think there are less guys due in to Dunedin for spring training for the Blue Jays (nice pickup JP by the way, anyone else snicker that he picks up a guy who is wanted on potential assault charges at a high school lacrosse field on the same day the news breaks we are likely to get another lacrosse team in town- coincidence? I think not!) then who cover the Maple Leafs. What do these guys get paid to do? How many times can you ask Nik Antropov how he felt about being “thrown under the bus” by Brian Burke? ( Burke’s comments on satellite radio were priceless today too- he is sick of being a silent spectator for 3 months, he is now going to be vocal and honest about his opinions! Too bad with Sirius/XM filing for bankruptcy we may not get to hear that type of stuff anymore!).

The Leafs made their rookies pay for a pricey dinner last night and not one of these guys has the smarts to dig up what was spent? Hello??? I did see that in years past the rookies shelled out about 8k each for the dinner- How great a story would that make in these tough economic times? No one has enough inside info to get the scoops anymore. Really, folks, sit back and ask yourself this. When was the last time one of these guys predicted or speculated on interesting leafs news? Has it happened this season? When the blockbuster deal was made just before Burke took over all the “experts” were caught with their pants down.

Newspapers are cutting right, left and center. Radio stations are off millions in ad sales and these guys got bubkas??? Come one people, work with me here…You know why Hanky does so well, he feeds the beast! The appetite for information (good or bad) is enormous. Bruce Garrioch in Ottawa writes that Burke is talking about Chris Pronger (which Burke quickly peed on) and the town goes a flutter. You guys cover this team day in and out. You travel with them, you don’t watch other games cause you see too much hockey, where is the investigative reporting???? Someone, anyone please show us you are actually trying!

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