Do You Think The Maple Leafs Brass Hug After Each Loss?

burke and wilson after a loss
burke and wilson after a loss

Sportsnet’s Mike Brophy (how cool would it be if he were John’s kid) has a pretty funny article up on

“This is the year when the Toronto Maple Leafs are supposed to lose games in an effort to get the first or second overall pick in the 2010 Entry Draft, yet when they do, they are picked apart and criticized as though they have done something wrong. I’m a little confused. I would think victories would be treated with more disdain than losses.”

At chateaux TSM last night, when I turned on the game the Buds were up 4-1 and the TSM pooch was crashed on the bed next to me. I picked up the lappy and started emailing a few fellas that I was sure the kamikaze dive was coming. When the Panthers scored their 4th goal, I think I nearly gave TSM pooch a stroke, as I know what caused that little yellow ring towards the end of the bed. I saw LT sign on to his messenger of choice and i hit him with “wow”. LT had no clue what i was talking about as he was returning from yet another “work”trip full of debauchery. I asked him what the score was when he got out of his car and he said “4-1” When I told him the score was 4-4 i think i could hear him cheering from the 7 or 8 blocks that separate our houses. So Mike I am with you!

“Shouldn’t the Leafs Nation (not to mention the team’s coaching and management staff) celebrate each defeat? Doesn’t each loss get them one step closer to the ultimate goal? I don’t expect the Leafs to hold a celebration with each defeat, but do they actually expect anybody to believe they are truly heartbroken when they lose?”

Hey I am doing my part! One has to wonder what goes on in meetings between former dorm buddies Wilson and Burke….

“The Leafs couldn’t exactly announce its intention to lose this season, but based on what we have seen, is there anybody out there who doesn’t believe they are quietly doing whatever possible to be in the bottom five to get that cherished lottery pick – the one that could bring them John Tavares or Victor Hedman? Of course they lose; they aren’t that good. It’s a simple equation: bad players equal losses. So why can’t they just quietly lose instead of acting like losses are bothersome?”

Now what fun would that be? I mean the 485 writers that follow the team, what would they do if the players acted as if losing didn’t matter? OH WAIT, the EXACT same thing they did over the past 4-5 seasons!

“What is even more annoying is the fact the coach and manager have taken to calling out their players in public. I’m not a genius by any stretch of the imagination, but if they plan to trade any of these guys, how does publicly humiliating them add to their trade value?

LEAFS: “You want our goalie?”


LEAFS: “Why not?”

OTHER TEAM: “Because you said he’s lousy and doesn’t have a good work ethic.”

I completely agree- a genius you are not! 🙂

“And while we’re at it, if the players are going to be held accountable to losses, what about the coaching staff? When the Leafs blow a big lead, as they have numerous times this season including Tuesday night in Florida, what role did lousy coaching play? Everybody knew the Leafs would have trouble scoring this season, but Ron Wilson and his henchmen were supposed to instill a defensive system that would at the very least make the team competitive. Hasn’t exactly worked out that way, huh?”

You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit is the old saying I believe. Having said that Mike, point well taken. Man that JFJ was one hell of a GM eh?

“The bottom line is the Leafs want the high draft pick and the players they have chosen to wear the blue and white this season give them the best opportunity to get it. So let’s stop acting like losing is a bad thing. I’m not buying it.”

Good news is I aint selling it. I am not sure too many are Mike. My favorite line is when Burke says he has season ticket holders and advertisers to answer to. Ask one, pick the one who is hoping for anything other then a shot at JT this year…..

Nice job Mike, actually a funny piece…now, get back to work… I want rumours dammit!

Read Brophy here….

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