First Maple Leafs Trade Rumour

Darren Dreger was on with Wilbur and Brady (a total surprise I know…I mean he is never on eh Mike?)

Anyways DD told the fellas that a “colleague” of his told DD only today that the Pittsburgh Penguins are hungry to land one Nik Antropov. Clearly losing in one Stanley Cup final was not enough for the Pens and they want to repeat as bridesmaids. Actually, that is me speaking and not DD. While Dreger wasn’t entirely sure what Nik alone would net, he surmised that it would be a 2nd rounder and or perhaps a mid level prospect.

In the 09 draft the pens have their own 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounders in addition to the Tampa Bay Lightning 3rd rounder. They have their own 4th and Dallas’s too. They have the Tampa’s fifth rounder and their own 6th and 7th. They traded their 5th to the Leafs for Hal Gill which Cliff turned into the village idiot.

In the 10 draft the pens have all of their own picks plus the St. Louis Blues 6th round pick and the Montreal Canadiens 7th round pick.

In the 11 draft the pens have all of their own picks except their fourth round pick.

Someone reading this will comment on who may be potential mid level prospect that Burke would covet from the Pens….

Less then 3 shopping weeks to go and we have our first rumour- that wasn’t so hard was it?

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