Who Is The King Of Toronto Sports Radio?


I am off to Detroit tomorrow, what better place to celebrate Family Day then the Motor City with Mrs. TSM’s family. In any event. It was an unusual week of talk radio in Toronto, McCown didn’t have his usual sidekick next to him instead he had an array of in studio guests. I thought I would take a shot at looking at the week in review and declaring a nightly winner, would love to see how I do against your comments.

McCown: Phil Lind-Vice-Chairman of Rogers Communications Inc., roundtable with McCown, James Deacon & Gord Kirke!


Watters/Brady: Jason Blake, Brian Burke, Lester Munson – ESPN Investigative Reporter, Darren Dreger/Scott Morrison, Tom Hicks – Dallas Stars owner (re-broadcast from Leafs Lunch)

TSM says: This was not a great night for McCown. The guest of the night was Brian Burke. He created the news of the week in town, the Antropov doesn’t deserve a new contract bit led to days of comments, editorial etc. Lind was good on the fan, and I understand why he was there, I am not sure anyone else did. Gord Kirke on the roundtable is a favorite of mine, however the Burke bit carried the night- Winner: 640

McCown: Bryan Colangelo-Raptors President and G.M.


Watters/Brady: BRENDAN SHANAHAN – New Jersey Devils Forward, BRIAN DUFF – Host of NHL On The Fly on NHL Network, BILL STEELE – Father of Billy Steele, 17, banned from General Motors Centre, SCOTT MORRISON – Inside The NHL, JONAS SIEGEL – THE RINKSIDE REPORT – AM640 Leafs Reporter, BOB McGILL – Studio Analyst for Leafs TV

TSM Says: I didn’t get to hear everything so I will grade based on what I heard. Colangelo was terrific (as usual). It was a very good hour. Shanahan was very good too. If it was just these two guys I would say it is a tie. To be honest I didn’t hear the rest of the night so I will have to go with a tie.


Mccown: The Argos Co-Owner David Cynamon In Studio , Alan Frew of Glass Tiger, Craig Forrest of Sportsnet & Nigel Reed


Watters/Brady: Tracy Connor, NY Daily News, Rick Tocchet, Tampa Bay Lightning head coach, Larry Walker, former MLB player — Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, Darren Dreger, TSN, Christine Simpson, Versus

TSM says: What a brutal night on the Fan! Don’t get me wrong, David Cynamon is an engaging enough guy..but the Argos owner in February????? Sorry, I am not buying it. The soccer talk I had even less interest in. Tracy Connor broke the Robbie Alomar Aids story. Rick Tocchet was okay, too bad Brady didn’t ask him who he or Janet bet on the Superbowl. Larry Walker was good and I really like Christine Simpson. This was an easy decision. Winner 640


Mccown: Keith Pelley-President, Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium , Martine Gaillard & Evanka Osmak


Watters/Brady: Greg Gilbert….Marlies Head Coach, Paul Kelly, President of NHLPA, Darren Dreger/Scott Morrison – Inside The NHL, Dave Andreychuk, Lightning TV Broadcaster

First hour on McCown was not so good. Again talking to the head of the Olympic TV consortium just isn’t that interesting to the common sportsfan. Greg Gilbert was pretty good, it was interesting to hear his take on his roster and his boss Brian Burke and his colleague Ron Wilson. Paul Kelly was okay too. He didn’t say too much, except that there would be a new Eric Lindros soon, I am sure one that he hand picks and bobs and nods as he sees fit. In that hour it was a tie. However the rest of the way was no contest. With no offense to Dreger/Morrison or anyone else on 640, the Canadian ladies of sports were good fun. It was really interesting to hear about their jobs, their backgrounds and their experiences. They carried the night in the same way Burke did for 640 on Monday. TSM says: 590.

I won’t be listening tomorrow so I am going to hope that someone (Mike S) is able to fill in and give a summary of what is what on the shows tomorrow night. Let me know if you like this type of things and we can do it again.

Roscoes Flash
Roscoe's Flash
As as aside let me say just one thing. I heard Toth on the radio this am. I have to say, I was so unimpressed I tuned into Buffalo’s static filled station am 550. It is one thing for Roscoe to bash Canadians for cheering for the world juniors (where is the support year round he says) but to do so for the Olympics??? Give me a freaking break. This isn’t unique to Canada Roscoe. This is everywhere! What a stupid, stupid comment. I loved when Toth lamented how he was a Calgary reporter and he had to climb up the hills to do interviews before the olympics in 88. Ummm Mike, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be on the radio today. It’s called paying your dues. I don’t for one second understand this resentment you have towards people cheering on events on occasion. Do you boo the millions who watch the superbowl on superbowl sunday? I mean give me a freaking break! If people didn’t have passing interest in these events you wouldn’t be in the sports business. Get over it. We know, you sit in OHL arenas more then any of us combined. That is freaking fantastic. You should be the draft fucking guru come draft time. Why are you so bothered that others enjoy these kids playing in a tournament every year? This is a battle you will never win Mike. You sound like an idiot every time you raise it- give it up.

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Mike S
Mike S
February 13, 2009 12:17 am

First of all, Toth is an idiot…………I don’t think I need to say any more on this subject.

Here are my winners for the week:

Monday…………on 590 Phil Lind was dry and the roundtable was uninspired (I’m not sure why you like Kirke)………….on 640 Burke was great and Lester Munson was interesting………..640 was the clear winner

Tuesday…………on 590 Colangelo was great and so was Doug MacLean (he and McCown have great chemistry)………on 640 I liked Brian Duff but I didn’t really care about the Bill Steele story…………590 wins this one easily

Wednesday………..on 590 it was hard to listen to Cynamon and the soccer guys…………640 wasn’t great but they didn’t have to be………….640 wins easily

Thursday…………on 590 Pelley was decent and the ladies were awesome…………640 had no Watters after 5:00 and I had no desire to listen to Greg Gilbert…………..590 wins handily

Friday……………I always enjoy the 590 rountable so it will be tough for 640 to win this one…………..however if 590 has Toth as one of the roundtable guests then 640 will win by default

The Meatriarchy
February 13, 2009 7:16 am

Toth is singularly the most annoying person on Toronto radio (and I am including non-sports people as well so he has some stiff competition).


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