Quote of the day- Leafs News

“Grabovski is no stranger to the rough-housing in his first season as a Maple Leaf. The 25-year-old was suspended for three games on Jan 9, 2009 when he pushed aside an official to get at Montreal Canadiens forward Sergei Kostitsyn.”

That from Sportsnet on Grabovsky getting into a skirmish wih Jason Blake at practice today….

Anyone else see this gem?:


Little-used forward Ryan Hollweg was placed on waivers. Any team in the league can put claim on Hollweg until noon Saturday. If he clears waivers, he can be sent to the Marlies.”

IF HE CLEARS WAIVERS???? This guy sucks. Flat out sucks. I don’t know what Cliff was smoking when he grabbed him, but he is an embarrassment to the team and the league. Why he was carried thus far is a complete mystery.

No big surprise that yesterday’s waiver players cleared. Interested to see how long they stay up if at all…

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