Chris Pronger- Why Would Maple Leafs Trade For Me?

I loved this quote….

“but if he were running the Leafs, “I wouldn’t trade for me,” he said.

“How the heck is Burkie going to trade for me if he doesn’t have the draft picks?”

It gets better:

“”Why would a team — say Atlanta, Toronto or Ottawa — trade for me, right now at the deadline? And the other teams, the San Jose’s, Detroit’s Boston’s, New Jerseys’, they’re all up against the cap,” Pronger said. “I don’t think there will be nearly as many trades at the deadline as people think.” The irony is, it could be Pronger’s club that drives the needle on how many big trades happen on March 4.

Those are from Pronger talking to Mark Spector at Sportsnet.

I am not sure if this a rumour out there but Spector is talking about a Pronger for Kubina deal:

“”Why would you trade me for Kubina? I make the same as him.”

Kubina also has one year left in his deal, at $5 million. But Pronger is a better player, so Kubina-for-Pronger is a deal the Ducks wouldn’t make – not the other way around.

But the point 34-year-old Pronger is trying to make is this: The Leafs will reach their nadir this summer. Some contracts will be up. Burke and coach Ron Wilson will have taken stock, and they will begin reshaping the organization.

Rock bottom comes on Apr. 12 – the day after the Maple Leafs last game of the season against Ottawa. From there, the new management team can begin with their own bricks and mortar, a construction project that will take a few seasons.

If Anaheim deals Pronger, it will because the Ducks have decided to start all over again. It means Scott Niedermayer has told them that he’s not hanging around for the 2010 Olympics, which means Anaheim GM Bob Murray will want draft picks and prospects – neither of which Burke has enough of, or intends to part with.

The only player on the Leafs roster you’d trade Pronger for if you are Anaheim is Luke Schenn, which obviously won’t happen.”

Man, it must be very quiet out there if this is the type of garbage that is being written

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