Raptors GM Honeymoon Officially Over

I am not a Bryan Colangelo basher. I drank the kool-aid along with everyone else. I thought he was going to be THE MAN. The guy who changed the Raptors fortunes. The proof, however as they say is in the pudding. So far the pudding is pretty f’n lousy. Until now however, no one has actually called out the GM, in large part, it says here, because no one in the media knows the game well enough to criticize him. I certainly don’t.

Well, Steve Simmons has finally called him and you can’t disagree with anything he has written:

” Bryan Colangelo appears to be delusional about the state of his Raptors.

He steadfastly grasps the notion that he believes in this wonky roster. He defends his players with the kind of vigour they lack on the court. And he keeps trading away first-round draft picks — two in the past two years.

The Golden Boy of the Raptors is no more. Where once, every word seemed believable, now he talks in bafflegab. His post-trade conference call, following the Jermaine O’Neal-Shawn Marion deal, sounded like an exercise in creative dance, full of expression but meaning what? The simpler the question, the more complicated the answer.

Two years ago, his plan for the future was built around the acquisition of T.J. Ford. That didn’t work. This season, it was built around the acquisition of O’Neal. That didn’t work. And now, the plan has been altered once again.

With Chris Bosh’s status in Toronto uncertain, and Colangelo talking about playing for this year with the Raptors second-last in the Eastern Conference and with interim coach Jay Triano’s record only 13-25, for the first time there have to be concerns about the direction Colangelo is taking this franchise.

Until now, he has been given the benefit of the doubt on just about every decision he has made. That statute of limitations is now over. ”

Thanks Steve, it is about time that someone called bullshit. I hope Colangelo proves to be half the GM that we were sold. That would at least make him mortal. I don’t expect every move to be a homer (or three pointer). I give Colangelo credit for dumping Jermaine O’neal quickly, as opposed to insisting that the move to get him was anything but a blunder. I have no clue if the Raptors can make the playoffs this year. I know that in any sport the way to get better is to build through the draft. I know that BC likes to deal away his picks- maybe spending time with Cliff has got him thinking Draft Schmaft…..

In any event kudos to Simmons for doing what others haven’t so far. Hopefully others won’t have to.

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