Sunday Sports Review- Penguins Make a Move

Man is it quiet out there. Trying to find some gems from here in Detroit about what is going on in the big smoke hasn’t been easy. It sounds like the Buds played well last night. I liked the quote from Wilson saying that this isn’t the work of a Stanley Cup contender that even bad teams put together games like this. Fair enough comment. To me it suggests just how bad the Penguins are. Why it took the Penguins so long to fire their coach and why Pat Quinn isn’t coaching that team is beyond me. It

I will say it again as I dumped on him a lot earlier. Good on Jason Blake for getting his 21st goal. I didn’t see the guy getting 5 let alone 21. He has put his head down and worked very hard.

So, just how much of an idiot is Really Rosie from the Star?

“But in the past fortnight, after being called out – or challenged, depending on your perspective – by GM Brian Burke, the lifetime Leaf has shown a bit of blood rising. Perhaps he’s even shown enough to propel himself out of town by the trade deadline, should his currency have escalated sufficiently.” “What (Burke said) … well, that’s his opinion. I can only try to control what happens on the ice.” Still, it’s the opinion that counts most. And, frankly, Antropov is deluding himself if he honestly believes that Toronto is a tough environment for a hockey player. This city is mush compared to the unforgiving likes of Montreal and Boston and Philadelphia. Antropov might find that out shortly.”

The only opinion accounts is those of opposing GM’s when they decide what to offer for Antropov’s value. What Burke thinks at this point is almost irrelevant. He has said he isn’t resigning the guy! As for Antropov showing a bit of blood rising??? Give me a break….

Read Really Rosie here

Interesting to see Larry Brooks take on Wade Redden. Here is a look at what Brooks wrote on July 2 and what he wrote today.

July 2:

“Glen Sather wouldn’t give Avery an extra $4M over four years – Page Six Sean is believed on his way to either Detroit or Dallas – but the GM instead lavished a six-year contract worth $6.5M per on 31-year-old Wade Redden, a reasonably dependable puck-moving defenseman who had a dreadful 2007-08 in Ottawa and has never been regarded as a game-changer over 11 seasons with the Senators.”

February 15:

“Wade Redden is Glen Sather’s Folly. That has become painfully obvious fewer than 60 games into a six-year, $39 million contract that stands as the worst in the history of the NHL, if not in the history of hard-cap pro sports. With skills declining so precipitously over the last three seasons that if he played baseball, one would deduce that he had built his previously admirable career resume on PED’s, the 31-year-old defenseman is the GM’s Greatest Mistake, far more substantial than Stephane Quintal or Theo Fleury or Bobby Holik, or any of those pre-lockout signings that all came with erasers.”

Read Brooks here

Further support for the no dumber animal on this planet then the professional athlete theory of mine…

“Authorities say Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch has been arrested in Southern California on a weapons possession charge. Culver City police said in a statement Sunday that Lynch was arrested after officers confronted him and two other men in a car and found a loaded firearm in the vehicle. Lynch was arrested Wednesday for possession of a concealed firearm after officers determined the gun belonged to him. He was released that night on $35,000 bail. Culver City police did not immediately return a phone message seeking information about why officers first confronted Lynch and his companions.Lynch’s lawyer, M. Gerald Schwartzbach, said his client was not involved in a traffic accident and was in California visiting friends.”

Read Lynch here

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