Monday Toronto Sports Roundup

Justin Pogge is back up. He is supposed to get his first regular-season start at home when the Leafs play the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday night.

I am sure the talking heads will be going nuts about this but….. Wilson and Burke will be saying all the right things, this is scheduled, no big deal, etc. etc.

Darren Dreger’s most recent column, never has so little been said in such a large piece of work. Ok, Burke has the list. That took a line. The rest of the piece??? Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Look at this gem:

“So, what Brian Burke has to determine is whether that value translates in to a trade package that helps the organization more than a veteran puck moving defenceman who wants to stay and be part of the rebuild.”

Ya think????

Mathieu Schneider goes to the Habs (along with a conditional draft pick) for a 2nd and 3rd rounder. Atlanta saves $500,000 by making the deal yesterday. I know value goes up as time goes on, but so does risk of injury. I loved Ron Wilson’s response to any deadline requests, something to the effect of we have to build through the draft. Honesty, always a good policy.

Interesting to see who has recently been injured so to gauge what teams may be in shopping modes. Wow are the New York Rangers in free fall mode. They are playing as badly as the Habs of late. Will this be the week that the Sens pass the Leafs in the standings? Here is hoping so…

Dallas Brad Richards is out with a hand/upper body injury, Phillipe Boucher
Carolina Justin Williams out with a broken hand
Chicago Patrick Sharp will miss 2-3 weeks with a lower-body injury and Nikolai Khabibulin will not travel with Chicago on their Florida road swing.
New York Rangers- Paul Mara shoulder
Columbus Rusty Klesla is out for a couple of weeks
Edmonton Oilers defenceman Lubomir Visnovsky out for the season

Yet another example of the truth in no dumber animal alive then the professional athlete:

“Phoenix Suns guard Jason Richardson was arrested in Scottsdale after police said he was driving 88 km/h above the limit with his unrestrained three-year-old son in the car.

A Scottsdale police officer first saw Richardson driving 108 km/h in a 64 km/h zone Sunday night and followed him, police said Monday.

That’s when the officer clocked him at 145 km/h in a 56 km/h zone and pulled him over.

Police said Richardson admitted to speeding and identified himself as a Suns player. The officer saw Richardson’s son in the back seat of the car and that he was not in a child seat.”

Richardson should lose his license permanently. Ok, you want to drive 88km over the limit? Your an idiot. You do so with your kid in the car, your a fucking idiot. You do so with your kid in the car with the kid not seated in a car seat, your done. D O N E !

Ahhhh Cito- you think members of the media are out to get you and then you make a comment like this:

“Maybe that didn’t come out right,” Gaston said. “It’s kind of like regrouping. Nobody likes to use rebuilding. That’s a bad word. We’re not really rebuilding. We’re getting ready for 2010.”

Did you go to the J.P. Ricciardi school of media training. It’s not a lie if we know the truth? Or the Bill Clinton School? Rebuilding, retooling, getting ready…who the hell cares…semantics is all it is. Lipstick on a pig. This is the first spring training since the jays came to be that I could careless about it. Seriously. If the quote from Cito wasn’t on TV tonight I wouldn’t have gone looking for evidence of it. I am not the least bit intrigued by anything the ball club is doing right now. They are getting ready for 2010? Me too!

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