Brian Burke Takes To The Air- Again- Cox Hits A Homer

Brian Burke will be on with the guys at hockeycentral/fan590 at 12:05 this afternoon. Burke is certainly making the rounds these days. It is just amazing how incredibly naive some of those who follow this team either are, or think we the fans are. I mean Burke says he wants to hold on to Kaberle and everyone (ok, almost everyone0 believes him? What is he supposed to say? “We are hoping someone offers us something huge, like 10 draft picks for him???? The headline in the Star this am is a joke. “Kaberle good bet to stay: GM” Come on folks, what do you need a refresher course???? This is sales 101. You tell people what you want to keep so that you create a market for those assets:

“For Kaberle, don’t listen too closely to what Burke is saying publicly. He’s trying to set a market. But the approach the Leafs will take is that they will decide what they must get in a deal – let’s say a first round pick and a top prospect – and then only listen to offers that hit that standard. Otherwise, Kaberle stays, at least until next February when his value might be even higher. ”

That’s right Damien. If the Flyers (and I am not saying they would ever), were to offer up what they did last year for Kaberle he is gone (assuming they are on Kaberle’s list of teams he would accept a deal to).

“With Kubina, you get the best deal you can knowing you can always trade him in the summer when his no-trade evaporates. San Jose wanted him last winter and his value hasn’t dropped, but if Burke has to wait until the draft to move the big blueliner, he’ll wait.

With Antropov, the Leafs will take the best offer. Antropov’s going, and the value on his services will be set by the number of teams Burke can get interested in the tall Kazakh.

Finally, Moore is the trickiest scenario of all. Teams are going to want him, and he’s having a very strong season.

But do the Leafs? They plucked him off the waiver wire last winter, and if they could get a second rounder or the kind of young player with size and toughness that Burke wants, chances are they make the move.

What’s a bit unclear is whether the Leafs intend on signing him if he isn’t moved before the deadline.

But the approach on all four players – Kaberle, Kubina, Antropov and Moore – is very different.

You have to believe that at the very least, two of the four are headed out of town. ”

Not rocket science folks. Listen carefully to what Burke says, he is a straight shooter and a big time salesmen. Word is that right after he dumped on Antropov his phone rang several times with rival GM’s looking for a sweetheart deal. Around 2 weeks to go….

you can read Cox’s blog here

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