Maple Leafs Doing What Has To Be Done….

Early reviews are that the Buds were perhaps the better team in the first period. I don’t know what the authors were smoking, on my tv set the buds got lit up. Justin Pogge let in a couple of soft goals and the game was over almost as quickly as it started. The good news is that no one got hurt. The bad news is that no one we would like to dump played well enough to make anyone notice them. The best news is that we are one game and one day closer to both the deadline and the end of the season.

Did anyone find any compelling story for the Leafs coming out of this game? No really, what the hell are the folks going to write about? Thankfully there are more games this week including the big match against the player Brady may or may not have referred to as the biggest free agent bust of the season! Let’s get this over right now, fans will and have every right to boo #13 on Saturday night. There I said it. There will be a boisterous cheer for him, a few boos and then those who boo and those who cheer him every time he touches the puck. Every time he says something like I loved playing here, the fans were awesome but I have moved on everyone of age has to drink.

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