Is A Maple Leaf Trade Imminent?

Kudos to the folks at kuklas Korner for finding this awesome article in the London Free Press:

“Burke was the speaker for the Engaging Insights Speaker Series held in conjunction with the London Convention Centre and the London Chamber of Commerce. He spoke in front of about 200 people. What he did say from a hockey standpoint is that he expects the March 4 trade deadline to be a busy time in the NHL in general, that he was offered a trade Tuesday and his staff spent yesterday looking into the player offered in terms of his character; that 10 days ago a team called offering him one of the Top 5 picks in the draft for defenceman Luke Schenn; that he believes whoever goes to the microphone in the NHL draft this summer will pick London Knights John Tavares as the No. 1 pick; and that he expects defenceman Tomas Kaberle to remain a Toronto Maple Leaf. Burke wouldn’t give out any information about the potential trade but that “we’re really looking at the player.”

We should be able to eliminate a few teams from the list of where this mystery player may currently play. Burke and Nonis know Anaheim and Vancouver fairly well. Joe Nieuwendyk knows Florida. That leaves 26 possibilities :). Think about it though. How many players do you think this management team needs to spend a day researching? Unless of course the guy is in Europe or the minors.

“Burke’s reaction to the trade offer for Schenn . . .”It was a short conversation,” he said. “I asked him ‘you want me to trade a Top 5 pick, someone who might eventually be able to play, for an 18-year-old who is playing 22-minutes a game right now?'”

Not that I wouldn’t trade Schenn, but it would have to be a great offer. No one right now can gurantee the number one pick. My bet is that the offer came from Tampa. I don’t know that, but that is my guess.

“”I haven’t made massive changes anywhere I’ve gone,” said the former general manager of the Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks. “We’re still trying to assess who can do things . . . We haven’t made that determination yet.”

That’s an odd statement by Burke. He has been here for several months already. The team has been through as many situations as imaginable, except the playoffs. The staff has been under his direction for several months as well. In any event he has less then 2 weeks to figure it out.

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