Is Maple Leafs Goalie Vesa Toskala Done For The Year?

While some folks were listening to Bob Mccown chat it up with Danica Patrick (the part where Mccown asked her about the SI photos was GOLD Jerry, GOLD) the boys on 640 were talking Maple Leafs hockey.
They didn’t come out and say as much, however, Greg Brady and Bill Watters were hinting very loudly that the Maple Leafs’ goalie Vesa Toskala is about to be shutdown for the year. More then then that, the guys were using the “S” word, as in surgery. Wilbur has been saying for a long time that Vesa is hurt and that he shouldn’t be playing. Watters was pretty incensed that the buds dragged Vesa to Buffalo to back up Pogge when the leafs have Cujo getting paid not to play. Burke of course said that Vesa wasn’t hurt and that it was a chance to let Cujo play with his kids.

Is this is true, it will look like Ron Wilson and Brian Burke have been attending the J.P. Ricciardi school of public speaking. Toskala said weeks ago that he wasn’t allowed to speak about certain things. Burke said he wasn’t hurt. Obviously something was up as he went for an MRI. IF, I repeat IF he his hurt, it just won’t look good on the PR portfolio for either the coach (who said today that Vesa is starting vs Vancouver) or the GM.

Interesting times indeed in Leaf Land.

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