Someone Throw Vesa Toskala a Pacifier!

Man, does this clown need to grow up!

“After he came off the ice on Thursday, all Toskala would say is that the test results put his mind at ease and he is ready to play. “That was information for me and I don’t see any reason to tell you,” the goaltender told a crowd of reporters when he was asked about the test results. “I went to get an MRI to get more information and I got more information, so that was good.”

I know you are, but what am I? Give me a break. Either put up or shut up.

“Toskala said he has not been affected by any injury issues, although his opinion of his play is markedly different from just about everyone else: “No, I think I’ve been playing all right.” However, he did repeat what he said a while ago when Wilson and Burke questioned his work habits in practice. “Like I said earlier, sometimes when you have little bumps and bruises you have to pace yourself in practice,” he said. “You know, all the players go through tough times. Not everybody feels 100 per cent all the time. But I got more information so I’ve got that thing off my head for now.”

The problem Vesa is the thing IN YOUR HEAD, not on it! Did you forget to ask the Wizzard for a brain?

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February 19, 2009 1:47 pm

The vibe I get, is that Vesa is babying his groin, but test results have proven he’s fine.The MRI is probably the latest proof of this.Basically management feels he’s fine,but Vesa thinks otherwise.

February 19, 2009 3:10 pm

Either way, he thinks he has played well? Come on, give me a break, I know the numbers don’t tell the whole story, but take a look at your numbers Vesa. I like a goalie that can shake things off, but take some responsibility. No one believes Toskala has played well this year, excpet maybe Toskala. Stuart Smalley picture should have gone in this article as a tribute to Toskala’s self-love-in.

February 19, 2009 3:14 pm

I think your bang on Eggy, I was wondering the same thing for a long time now especially with some of the things we’ve not been seeing this year that we saw last year. I mean I remember watching Toskala stand on his friggin’ head some games, making redicolous saves where he was all over the place stretching this way and that. If he’s got it in his head he needs to pace himself for fear of his groin acting up, how can he possibly be effective? Maybe if he can put this behind him now that he got whatever results he wanted, maybe we can start seing the Vesa of old. Although, not enough to steal games though hopefully, just enough to bring up his trade value again for next season’s deadline! 😛

February 19, 2009 4:20 pm

I agree Nealio, that split second of ” mental groin anguish” Vesa is experiencing, is enough to make a very good goalie become a very ordinairy goalie.Maybe they should shut him down,if (and when) he gets past this,he could bounce right back.


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