Sundin Comes Back, Kubina’s Contract and Bob Mccown Goes Cold

Get a load of this on Sundin’s return:

“No one knows how Sundin will be greeted Saturday. Concerned Toronto columnists have been writing about this for weeks, trying to shame the fans into cheering.”

Concerned Toronto columnists???? Has there ever been a bigger oxymoron? Shame the fans? Give me a break. They are trying to sell papers and pay per clicks

“No one knows Sundin on the Canucks better than Wellwood. He thinks the former Leaf will have a tough time dealing with things if his reception in the ACC doesn’t go well.

“If they boo him like crazy, that could really affect him,” Wellwood said. “But anything else and he’ll be fine.”

Well, there you go. The object is to win the game right Brian and Ron??? Then boo him like no player has ever been booed. If Kyle is right and a loud chorus of boos effects Sundin then we as Leafs fans owe it to the Blue and White and boo like crazy! Remember we don’t cheer for the player, we cheer for the jersey!

“Sundin played in Toronto for 13 years. He was captain but never quite made it to the Stanley Cup (the Leafs made it to the Eastern Conference final with Sundin in 1998-99).

He was Toronto’s best player, but never quite attracted the same media frenzy that Doug Gilmour or Wendel Clark garnered.

He was appreciated, but never quite loved or revered. He was great, but never idolized.”

That is 100% accurate. He never captured either the hearts nor the imagination of Leaf Nation. He lacked the personality to do that..

Read more from Vancouver here

Check this out from Kevin Allen over at USA today:

“Toronto Maple Leafs (seller): Although GM Brian Burke is looking to make over this team, he might not move as many players as fans will expect. Nik Antropov is the only lock to move. Dominic Moore will be moved, only if the Leafs can’t re-sign him. Burke will listen to offers for Tomas Kaberle, but he likes him, and he might keep him. He’s only 30, and he could still be crucial to the team’s future. The Maple Leafs would like to trade Vesa Toskala or Pavel Kubina, but they are almost untradeable because of their contracts. In order to trade those players, Burke would have to take back someone’s bad contract.”

I’m thinking 3-4 guys are gone. That is a lot for one deadline. I am surprised at the salary comment on Kubina. He has one year left at 5m. This is the first I have read that his salary is going to make trading him a problem. With Toskala, I would think it is his play that is making him almost untradeable.

One has to wonder whom is feeding Bob Mccown his scoops? This hasn’t been a goof hockey season for the Bobcat whom used to have a very good track record. Consider if you will:

1. Bob pretty much guranteeing the sale of the predators to Jim Balsille. Bob said that his sources told him Mr. Blackberry would be announced as the majority owner of the club shortly…
2. Bob said Sundin to the New York Rangers was a done deal. He joked with Kypreos about not knowing what was for dinner the next night didn’t mean he didn’t know whether or not he was going to it….
3. Bob stated as fact that NHL has held talks as to how a dispersal draft would work if the Coyotes and/or Predators fold in the summer. Multiple NHL execs have publically disputed that calling it totally false.
4. Bob stated as fact that Nik Antropov turned down a contract extension from Brian Burke and that is why Burke soured on him. Now, as Mike S. pointed out Darren Dreger buried that story today on Leafs Lunch. Also TSM has it on very good authority that all of burke, nonis, antropov, and meehan are personally deny it.

Something funny is going on when a guy as good as Mccown is, is as off as he has been lately. One has to wonder who exactly is whispering these things in his ear. At this pace, Mccown is going to become not credible ala the boy who cried wolf. Rest assured if one of his guys had started to develop this bad a track record he would either drop him or let him have it relentlessly. Me thinks the Bobcat needs new sources…

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