Not sure everyone out there is familiar with Twitter. Twitter is a tad bit like an instant messenger except that it has broadcast capabilities so instead of sending your chosen ones messages you can send out to the world. These message are also searchable, so that for example you can see what everyone on twitter is saying about a certain topic. For example if you went to you could enter maple leafs and see everything within the twitter network about the maple leafs. Unlike an instant messenger you don’t have buddies, rather you “follow” people and you in turn have your own “followers”. Every time someone sends a message, a “tweet”, those who follow that person will see the message. Oh, and by the way, each message, or “tweet” is limited to 140 characters.

Ok… anyhow, there is no magic in signing up for an account. You go to, you register for an account, call your self anything you want and provide a valid email address and off you go. It is not very hard to get a name, as long as if the one you choose isn’t taken, it will be yours. Torontosportsmedia was too long so I went with yyzsportsmedia (whereas yyz is the toronto airport code- pretty shifty eh?!) You can follow me by going to

Chris Bosh, the Raptor player was featured in the Toronto Star last week for “twittering”. I found that interesting in that it confirmed that it was actually him. Lots of other “famous” folks allegedly have twitter accounts. In the NHL Alex Ovechkin is the top player that I know of who is twittering. Now there is some pretty funny shit out there on twitter. Just this minute as I am writing this I got an email that Alexander Semin is following me. There is a David Poile account and a Bob Gainey account too. Pierre McGuire is on twitter and a lot of teams have very active (including the league itself) twitter members. As a hockey fan who works in the tech industry I am blown away at just how tech savy the NHL and their respective teams are.

Anyways, there is a Brian Burke account on twitter. Here are a couple of gems from that account:

brianburke: Wade Redden looks disinterested, worn down and flat out terrible against the Leafs tonight. Or, as he calls it, “playoff form”.
brianburke: That Battle of Alberta game last night was great. I wish there was a second NHL team in Ontario for us to play against.
brianburke: Returns are tough. Sundin looks like he has butterflies in his stomach tonight. Wellwood just looks like he has butter in his stomach.
brianburke: They’re not booing. They’re saying “October through Juuuuuuuuuunnne”.
brianburke: Just ran into Kyle Wellwood arriving at the ACC. He seemed kind of depressed. Told him to keep his chins up.
brianburke: Just saw Sundin at the Toronto airport, waiting in line for the shuttle bus. Guess he doesn’t believe in rentals.

The fake garybettman evey got into the act:
garybettman: @brianburke That literally made me LOL. I love you Leafs. Now quite calling my office asking me to suspend Hollweg. Doesn’t he play for you?
brianburke: @BryanMurray: Next time you want to trade a first round pick for a bag of crap, give me a call. I have several bags available.
brianburke: Just saw who we’re playing next. Note to self: Stop by Home Depot, pick up torches, pitchforks.
brianburke: @BobGainey: I used to be a lawyer. Let me know how I can help.
brianburke: Can we just pull our goalie for an extra attacker during the shootout?

There is a fake Darrylsutter too:
DarrylSutter: @brianburke Looking to add a little veteran leadership for the Poffs. Are you guys gonna be choked if I Nieuwendyk/Gilmour it up?
and a Steve Tambellini:
SteveTambellini: @brianburke: How about Blake for Cole? Blake is pale enough to blend in around here.
brianburke: Really looking forward to the Blue Jackets coming to town. We can show Rick Nash where his locker will be in 2010.

and of course a JFJ:
johnfergusonjr: @brianburke Thanks for the kind words buddy but how come you snickered after you said it?

These two are my personal favorites:

brianburke: @JasonBlake: You know, there are some really nice tanning salons in Toronto. Even an hour or two a week can work wonders. Just saying.
brianburke: Thinking about following Gainey’s lead and telling the underachievers to just stay home. Would we be allowed to only dress Schenn next game?

Ok…enough you say, you get the picture…

Now, get a load of what is in the Globe and mail this eve/morning:

“The Internet world is giving the Toronto Maple Leafs more grief.

Leaf president and general manager Brian Burke is the wounded party this time, as someone has been impersonating him on Twitter, a social-networking and mini-blogging service. Twitter allows its users to send and read short posts, functioning as a message board for those who think, for some unfathomable reason, their random thoughts need to be inflicted on others.

Someone signed up with Twitter under Burke’s name and posted a number of remarks insulting to other people in the hockey world. Burke said in an e-mail message on Sunday night that he had nothing to do with the messages and the Leafs have issued a complaint to Twitter about the imposter.”

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? INSULTING TO THOSE IN THE HOCKEY WORLD??!! IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO IS INSULTED BY ANY OF THAT, AND THEY THINK IT IS LEGIT, THEY ARE TOTAL MORONS! No one, and I mean no one think that is legit! This is funny, harmless shit. I can’t believe it is in the paper. I really can’t believe that there is a complaint. Give me a break. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me this isn’t true SERENITY NOW!

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