Double-Double Animal Style!

Jeff Blair in his blog today hit on one of the great not so secrets of American gastronomy , the not published amazing hamburger at the best, I repeat best fast food chain around In-N-Out Burger:

“There are three words that tell you how much time a player has spent in Arizona or California: ‘In-N-Out,’ as in ‘In-N-Out’ Burgers which are, simply put, the single greatest fast food product known to mankind. (Ask for the double-double ‘animal style.’) Want to start a conversation? Mention In-N-Out.

That’s what happened Tuesday, when Travis Snider started talking about pizza to Adam Lind and somehow Lyle Overbay jumped in and then Brian Wolfe uttered the magic words: “I have an In-N-Out Burger near my home,” he said.

Silence. “Down the block. And a friend of mine’s the owner.” Eyes moistened. Voices stop in mid-sentence. Cue Rod Barajas, heavy sigh.

In-N-Out burger has become the new Krispy Kreme. You’re a teenager growing up near one? You eat there regularly. Minor leaguers, looking to stretch their puny meal money, say that In-N-Out is one of the reasons you want to play in the Arizona Fall League. Krispy Kreme used to be like that. I remember when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were going head to head and McGwire was in full grump mode. Ben Walker of the Associated Press showed up wearing a Krispy Kreme hat. “Hey,” McGwire said. “Krispy Kreme!” I do believe Mr. Walker had an exclusive that day.”

Before you head out to try and find one of the babies, you should know they are in only 4 US states, California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.  There have been rumours of them coming north to Canada, howeve I think there would be a revolt in many a US cities if they came here before heading there.  The next time you are on the road in one of those fine states, do yourself a favor and check out the IN-N-OUT Burger.  My two favorite locations are the one on the strip in Las Vegas(It’s Vegas, everything is better in Las Vegas) and the one at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fransisco (only because you never forget your first)

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