A Guy We Need Brian Burke To Trade

the tribe has spoken
the tribe has spoken

Ho Hum…. The Leafs won another tight one in a shootout tonight. I am not that happy about it. I root for them to lose. Oh well, what can you do?

I think we all need a dose of reality as a certain someone is just a plain old dope. Anyone who bitches for bitching sake needs to be voted off the island:

“But, if you’re a fan of the hockey club, try and recall what you figured – at the outset of the season – to be the absolute worst-case scenario for the Blue & White in 2008-09. I bet it’s exactly the circumstance the club is in right now, with no playoffs and no premium draft choice on the horizon. Wasn’t this supposed to finally be the year the Leafs removed themselves from no-man’s land in the interest of re-structuring? Didn’t Cliff Fletcher warn of interminable [yet helpful] stretches of failure during the 82-game struggle? Didn’t Ron Wilson insist about a dozen times in September and October that “this season isn’t about wins and losses?” If so, why are he and Burke so ecstatic these days after every meaningless and damaging point gained in the standings? For more than four decades, the Maple Leafs proved incapable of winning. Now, when winning is less important than at any time since 1967, the Leafs are thoroughly incapable of losing. Moreover, the club is repeating its vaunted pattern of getting hot in February and March when nothing of immediate significance is on the line. Somehow, this season was supposed to unfold differently, but the powers-that-be [mainly Fletcher] fashioned a club that is typically lousy, yet a smidgen too competent for its own good. What else is new?”

Is this for real? No, please tell me this is a joke. As much as I hope the Leafs lose every night (except when playing Ottawa), I don’t expect the coach to coach to lose! The is, without the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Why are Wilson and Burke ecstatic after wins???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? These guys are competitive. Thankfully, winning is in their blood. Can you imagine hugs and high fives upon loses??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? What is Wilson supposed to do, reverse his lineup and play the 3rd or 4th liners the most and his 1st liners the least? No one with a brain expects that. As unfortunate as this may seem, it just isn’t that easy to instill losing! While I want them to finish dead last, I can’t be pissed that they didn’t lose well enough. I can’t expect them to teach or expect their players to lose. It doesn’t work that way. Do I hope Burke trades every guy on the roster, save one or two, for a draft pick? Hell yes! Is that realistic? No. The team has to adhere to a minimum cap. They do have to try and put forth a competitive team. Winning, in part, takes luck. So, does losing. Things had to go right (or wrong) for the Detroit Lions to lose an entire season. Raise your hand if you thought at any point this season that the Colorado Avalanche would be behind the Maple Leafs in the standings. It just doesn’t happen that easily. Here is the good news. Moving up the standings is hard. We learned that last year when JFJ et all were trying to make it in to the playoffs. Moving down isn’t as difficult. If Burke purges 3-4 guys for picks and prospects it should help.

The reason this most recent article by Howie is so inane is that it proves he will bitch about everything that is the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’s just stupid. It’s unfortunate that the Buds haven’t plummeted to the bottom where Howie predicted. Can you imagine the article he would write if they had????? Brian, when you are speaking to fellow GM’s, please ask what it would cost to throw Howie in on the deal. Please!

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