Toronto Sports Radio Tonight- New TSM Feature

Hi all:

TSM has partnered with the good folks over at to provide TSM readers with the bikini of the day.

Here is today’s:

Time to re-order Maxim Magazine

Time to re-order Maxim Magazine


Without further ado:

On Fan590 with Bob Mccown and Jim Kelley (thanks to Mike S.):

Dave Perkins (Toronto Star) from Arizona on golf
– a reporter from Newsday to talk about the New York Islanders and their new building situation
– Sherm Hamilton on basketball

On 640 Toronto with Bill Watters and Greg Brady:

4:05 Bob McKenzie, What a great guy

440 Chris Driscoll, Toronto Rock

540 Chuck Fletcher, Pens Assistant GM

550 Steve Mears, PBP Broadcaster, NY Islanders

610 Darren Dreger, TSN Hockey Insider

and of course don’t miss the audio clip of TSM with Bob McKenzie


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    Best. Partnership. Ever.

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    Nealio 11 years ago

    Good Lord. 😉

    As if I needed another reason to spend even more time on this site then I already do TSM!?!?! Geeze…lol

    Thank-you kind sir, thank-you.

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    Nealio 11 years ago

    Would someome please but Berger out of his misery. I really despise the man and reading his articles is like watching a horrible movie that you know you shouldn’t watch, but you feel like maybe it will get better before it ends.