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Toronto Sports Radio Tonight

On Fan 590 Mccown & TBD On 640 Toronto Brady and Wilbur 440 Steve Thomas 510 Jim Hughson, CBC Sports 540 Scott Howson, Blue Jackets G [...]
Someone Throw Vesa Toskala a Pacifier!

Someone Throw Vesa Toskala a Pacifier!

Man, does this clown need to grow up! "After he came off the ice on Thursday, all Toskala would say is that the test results put his mind at ease a [...]
Toronto Sports Media Thoughts Of The AM

Toronto Sports Media Thoughts Of The AM

So Brian Burke has been offered a lottery pick for Luke Schenn. His response was why trade a 19 year old player who is earning 22 minutes a night o [...]
Is Maple Leafs Goalie Vesa Toskala Done For The Year?

Is Maple Leafs Goalie Vesa Toskala Done For The Year?

While some folks were listening to Bob Mccown chat it up with Danica Patrick (the part where Mccown asked her about the SI photos was GOLD Jerry, GOLD [...]

Is A Maple Leaf Trade Imminent?

Kudos to the folks at kuklas Korner for finding this awesome article in the London Free Press: "Burke was the speaker for the Engaging Insights Spe [...]

Toronto Sports Radio Tonight-Updated

What to listen to on a snowy Wednesday night: On the Fan590 McCown and Brunt Listener calls till 5 5:25 The OTHER Deadline! Doug Smith [...]

Which Playoff Bound NHL Team Is Drooling To Trade For A Maple Leaf?

First off- please help me out by voting in my informal poll (https://torontosportsmedia.com/world-news-and-events/what-dress-to-wear/) Secondly, [...]
What Dress To Wear?

What Dress To Wear?

Ok Folks- pardon the interruption here.... Mrs. TSM is driving me nuts trying to decide which dress Junior TSM should wear to a couple of up coming "f [...]

Maple Leafs Trade Rumour Dujour

Not sure how many saw this in today's Globe and Mail...It certainly jibes with everything else out there, that right after Burke "threw Nik under the [...]

Maple Leafs Doing What Has To Be Done….

Early reviews are that the Buds were perhaps the better team in the first period. I don't know what the authors were smoking, on my tv set the buds g [...]

Is Raptors GM Talking About A Threeway?

According to the folks at the Chicago Sun-Times Bryan Colangelo is discussing a threesome, I mean three way deal with the Chicago Bulls and Phoenix Su [...]

Brian Burke Takes To The Air- Again- Cox Hits A Homer

Brian Burke will be on with the guys at hockeycentral/fan590 at 12:05 this afternoon. Burke is certainly making the rounds these days. It is just am [...]

Philadelphia Writer Dumps On Hockey

If you only read one article this am, this should be it. Who knows how much is written tongue in cheek. Who cares. With the exception of die hard f [...]

Monday Toronto Sports Roundup

Justin Pogge is back up. He is supposed to get his first regular-season start at home when the Leafs play the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday night. I am [...]

Chris Pronger- Why Would Maple Leafs Trade For Me?

I loved this quote.... "but if he were running the Leafs, "I wouldn’t trade for me," he said. "How the heck is Burkie going to trade for me if [...]

Toronto Raptors Chris Bosh Doesn’t Sound Too Happy

Not sure if anyone cares, but CB4 doesn't sound too joyous about this most recent trade: "The four-time All-Star told CBSsports.com's Ken Berger, F [...]

Sunday Sports Review- Penguins Make a Move

Man is it quiet out there. Trying to find some gems from here in Detroit about what is going on in the big smoke hasn't been easy. It sounds like th [...]
Raptors GM Honeymoon Officially Over

Raptors GM Honeymoon Officially Over

I am not a Bryan Colangelo basher. I drank the kool-aid along with everyone else. I thought he was going to be THE MAN. The guy who changed the R [...]

Maple Leafs Coach Not Untouchable

Funny, I made the point in story the other night and then in a reply to a comment early this am, and now Tim Wharnsby is saying the exact same thing: [...]
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