Seperated At Birth? Does Don Cherry Have Twin Brothers?

I said earlier Grapes act was wearing thin. It is nice to see so many others are saying the same thing. Where once he was colorful and entertaining….

“Cherry has done a lot of good for hockey, and for charity, and for the CBC’s bottom line. But popularity aside, Don Cherry has almost become the George W. Bush of hockey: Ignorant, ideological, dismissive of the facts, governed by his gut. The crotchety grandfather act can still be fun, but overall, the CBC looks worse every year for his presence.”

Bruce Arthur of the National Post couldn’t have put it better.

“It was difficult to keep track of all of the 75-year-old’s wrongheaded statements Saturday; like snowflakes in a storm, they just kept coming. Attendance woes in Detroit? Oh, that is due to the style of play by the European-dominated Red Wings, according to Cherry. If there were goons on the roster, the Joe would be full.”

No really, I hope Brady goes off on this tomorrow. I know the guys on the Fan can’t so here is hoping:

“”Who wants to go? They want [Joey] Kocur, [Bob] Probert!” Cherry railed. He also asserted that the University of Michigan, the Lions, Pistons and Tigers were all selling out while Joe Louis sat half-empty for the jersey retirement of Steve Yzerman, and said, “Don’t give me, ‘It’s the economy.’ ”

It’s sad, really. It is really sad. You get the feeling he really is the pure mix between grandpa simpson and Dubya…

“Don: It’s the economy. The Red Wings sold out every game from Dec. 10, 1996 to April 12, 2007. Probert last played for the Wings in 1994; Kocur played parts of three seasons from 1996-99. Presumably, the eight years of sellouts that followed must have been propelled by the memories of fighting past. In fact, Michigan is the ground zero for America’s economic collapse, and for the most part has held the highest unemployment rate of any state since … oh, about the last three years. Quite the coincidence, that. The other sports have been hurt as well: the Pistons’ sellout streak was snapped at 259 earlier this season, while the Lions had several home games blacked out on local TV last season. And while unemployment hit 10.6% in December, the Wings are playing to 98.7% capacity so far this year.”

Here is what I think is worst part. I actually think he is giving the kids the wrong message. In all his years at this gig, he has always tried to send the right message to “all the kids out there”. I think he is now getting it wrong, especially on Alexander Ovechkin.

“Bless Don Cherry for all his good deeds, but he could have been talking about himself. It has become a sad act, this one, in its old age. Earlier in the segment, Cherry proclaimed that “what I try to do is to teach the kids the Canadian way.” What a depressing thought.”

Exactly my thoughts too Bruce. Little TSM isn’t watching anymore….

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