Twas The Night Before The NHL Trade Deadline

Here we go folks, the day we have been looking forward to since, ummmm, training camp. Here are some random thoughts:

1. If you want to listen to bad radio, get a listen to 640 Toronto’s Jonas Siegel chat with Greg Brady today. I know Jonas is 22, but man was he weak today. No, he wasn’t weak, he sssssssucked. His attempt to suggest that Burke should sign Moore becuase he is a good guy who really wants to play here was pathetic. Antropov a “top nhl player” was so homerlike it was sad. What, however made it unlistenable was that not only was he wrong, but he showed he had no spine. When Brady attacked Jonas on a point, he turtled, instantly. He didn’t try to disagree, he said “that’s a good poing Greg.” He said that a few times. Jonas, no one cares if you are right, if you pick a point, defend it. Don’t tell the guy you are talking to that he made a good point. Show some conviction. Stand up for yourself. If you say something, back it up, don’t back down so damn quickly. We don’t need another Toronto basher, Berger has that wrapped up. We don’t want another Fergie Oliver though either. Fair and balanced would be good.

2. No matter what is said before or after tomorrow’s deadline passes this is Burke day to blow. If all you can get for Antropov is a second pick, do it. Don’t let assets walk out the door when the season is over. If Moore wants more then you are willing to pay, don’t cave. There isn’t a single guy on the roster worth paying 1 penny more then market value for. Not one. Don’t go get a goalie. If Toskala is hurt, go with what you got. Cujo and Pogge will be fine the rest of the way. Will we win a ton of games? No. As season ticket holders and fans we understand that and hell, we want it. Not one less person will go to a game because either Pogge or Cujo is in net. Tomorrow should be about no reasonable offer being denied. Fairly or not, tomorrow is the first of a defining moment in the Burke era. If decent moves aren’t made, leaf fans are going tobe disappointed. That’s not because they are being impatient. Rather because there is a common belief out there that Burke should deal anyone he can for a reasonable prospect or draft pick. Come 2:59 pm tomorrow it’s time to stop the game of poker and start the rebuilding or building of this franchise. Let’s hope he has the smarts to do it.

3. Always interested to see who wins the day from the media perspective. Please let me know who you are watching and why. If you read, hear or see something let me know. I will put it up on twitter the blog or anywhere else I can. If it’s a great day perhaps we can do an impromptu chat tomorrow night. You can post here or email me at torontosportsmedia at gmail dot com twitter is

4. Moore for a 2nd rounder and hopefully a 4th too. Antropov for a 2nd rounder and hopefully something else too. That seems to be the concrete rumours out there. Kaberle may or may not be injured. I still say deal him if you can. Mayers is likely to be dealt, try to get the same pick back we gave up for him.. I say it again, Brian, do as much housecleaning as you can….

Talk to you after a quick sleep.

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