Burke’s Stage To Be The Entry Draft?


I don’t think that any of the TSM faithful will be too surprised by what Burke did / did not do today.  It became very evident over the past couple of weeks that the priority would be to move the UFA’s that might net a return.  Not making other meaningful deals may simply set Burke up for an active day at the draft….We’ll see (and hope).

1. Tampa Deal

  • Leafs used their cap space and favourable financial position to secure a 4th round pick…that’s it..
  • Kolzig is hurt and will likely retire, Heward has injury issues and I don’t know much about Rogers but don’t think he’s expected to amount to anything…if he does, bonus.
  • Can’t argue with this trade…a few bucks for a 4th round pick.

 2. Moore to Buffalo

  • A 2nd round pick – not bad for a guy that we picked up on waivers last year and will be a UFA at the end of the season
  • While we don’t know what the bid/ask was last night during contract discussions, I think Moore is taking his chances – I’d be surprised if he gets the ice time in Buffalo to maintain/pad his stats like he had in Toronto…he may regret not taking the offer.

 3. Antropov to NYR

  • Similar to Moore – we got something for a guy that would have walked away for nothing as a UFA
  • Too bad his good play started at the end of his contract and only netted us a 2nd round pick after what we invested in him
  • I don’t know what the conditional pick parameters are but I doubt its for a 1st rounder 🙂

 4. Gerber Pick Up from Sens (waivers)

  •  For $200K for the rest of the year…ok, big deal perhaps they simply want to continue to insulate Pogge or have him remain in the minors to gear up for the AHL playoffs…dunno….
  • I’ve heard Gerber has played awful in the AHL – perhaps Burke simply wanted a warm body and not subject / embarrass Cujo over the last stretch….whatever.

5. Reitz Pick Up from Rangers (waivers)

  • Another much a-do about nothing.
  • As long as projects don’t screw up cap space in the future, who cares.

 I’m looking forward to hearing from Howie et al….should provide TSM with lots of good material!

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