NHL Deadline Banter

so 1 deal so far. Talk is that Dominic Moore is offically on the table, that is talks are over with his agent. One of my pals is also telling me that the Chicago Blackhawks are the leaders in the hunt for Antropov.

Early impressions:

1. TSN and sportsnet started 2 hours too early.
2. Hogan and Toth bashing deadline day 2 minutes in to their show was a little odd
3. I find it really interesting that the new/tech type guys are front and centre on TSN whereas the old scribes Cox, Simmons and Farber are getting about 5 minutes per hour.
4. Marty McSorley has been great on Sportsnet.
5. Bill Watters either doesnt get or doesn’t take the free wardrobe money most on air folks get.
6. Pascal Leclaire learned of the deal to Ottawa on TSN.
7. I am using DL’s slingbox…pretty cool

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